Salary Cap - Again (Sorry fellas)


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It has come to my knowledge, that Matt Orfords announcement may not have been made on the official site yet, as the NRL are currently running through it, and are determining whether we are within our salary cap. Hmmm, I thought, if I looked at this VERY basically, could I determine whether we should be investigated, or others? Here is something for you guys to ponder, and tell me, in your honest opinion, if you think it fair that manly is getting looked at at all, or whether it is just sour grapes? This so far is the anticipated sides of both manly & brisbane next year next to each other. IN YOUR opinions, who should be being questioned? I have listed who I think is the more expensive of the two players:-

Karmichael Hunt..........Brett Stewart-------- (on par)
Brent Tate..................Michael Robertson-- (Brisbane by a LENGTH or steppa/matai
Justin Hodges----------Steven Bell-----------(Manly)
Shaun Berrigan---------Ashley Alberts--------(Brisbane by a LENGTH)
Leon Bott---------------Chris Hicks------------(Manly)
Darren Lockyer---------Michael Monaghan----(Brisbane by a length)
Brett Seymour----------Matt Orford------------(Manly by a length)
Petero Civoniceva------Brent Kite--------------(Manly)
Barry Berrigan----------Luke Williamson-------(on par)
Shane Webke---------Jason King--------------(Brisbane by a length)
David Stagg-----------Anthony Watmough----(on par)
Brad Thorn------------Steve Menzies----------(on par - consider discounts)
Tonie Carroll----------Ben Kennedy-----------(on par)

Casey Mcguire---------Shayne Dunley--------(on par)
Neville Costigan-------Kylie Leuleuai----------(Brisbane)
Corey Parker----------Daniel Heckenberg-----(Brisbane by a length)
Sam Thaiday----------Mark Bryant-------------(Brisbane by a length)

Then consider these freaks have Dane Carlaw (an Australian test veteran), Stuart Kelly, Darren Mapp, Scott Minto, Darren Smith & Tame Tupou just waiting in the wings.
Our most experienced reserve graders are Creary, Cleal, Matai, Steppa, Witt.

Now come on - either there is a SERIOUS question around value for money, or it's plain & simple bitter grapes.

There was also rumour that we have paid UNDER our cap this year by a weird figure like $400k odd. Imagine that could be utilised.

I would consider us in the market for maybe even ONE more blue chip signing.

What do you guys think?

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Whilst I would dispute some of the values you have placed on players (Kite v Petero) your point is well made.

Bottom line is that Brisbane is a one town team and the profile, lifestyle and also the Bennett factor has many players content to stay.

I ask myself how St George this year with the Origin players they have plus the best bench, top Reserve and Flegg teams could afford to pay more than Manly for Alby Torrens. I won't even go near the Rorters!!

And some have the temerity to queston Manly on the cap!! Ha!!


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Yeah - I thought I'd be very, very conservative Canteen, because if some of you are thinking I bet Petero is on more than Kite, it makes my theory even stronger.

You can add Parramatta to that list as well mate. Don't we all find it funny that a team that has:-

etc etc,
can just up & buy

Gee Wizz....

perish the thought that Manly buy a 1/2 back. and poor old Matty has had to put his earnings out publicly. Surely that breaches some form of privacy laws?


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We have had a completely clean bill after numerous NRL audits. That is more than you can say for half the other clubs who have copped fines and had points stripped. Any suggestion we are over the cap is ludicrous. Shoo flies.

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I'm not surprised that the NRL are investigating us. The amount of rumour and innuendo surrounding Orfords signing was ridiculuous. The whole Monas/Orford contract negotiation was pathetic the way it was played out in the media, the club should hang its head in shame. It seemed to be the worst kept secret in rugby league, and Monas incessant bleating kept the spotlight fair and square on Manly through the whole process.

The reason you are struggling to work out the value of Brisbane's roster is that they never air their contract negotiations in public. All you ever get from them is so and so has signed a 3 year deal, followed by an "estimated" contract value by the journalist. Basically Brisbane are one of the best run clubs in the league, and they no doubt can get players, and keep players, at a discount to market value for a myriad of reasons.

On the Roosters, they are losing Crocker and Cayless which frees up some cash.

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