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For over five years has been a meeting point for Manly supporters of many persuasions, from all over the globe, and has grown into a vibrant community of diverse people united by one common cause, a love for the Manly football club.

There has been one poster who has perhaps been on the periphery of our consciousness though I believe never far from our hearts.

Known to us as Corso_Jan, I think many of us have been aware of the long and incredibly brave fight that Jan has fought with the scourge of cancer over recent years.  Sadly, last Friday Jan breathed her last “ but I have deliberately avoided using the term lost her battle with cancer.

Jan fought bravely to the last, and passed away with dignity and in doing so was unbowed by her illness, And despite her physical presence being at an end she leaves a legacy of love and bravery which will be forever treasured by friends, family and us here at silvertails.

Part of the legacy will be for Corso_Jan to be remembered here at silvertails via our NRL tipping competition.  Jan's husband (known to us as Corso_Pete) has accepted the idea that the silvertails tipping competition will be named in Corso-Jan's memory.

Eagle Angel Sarah Murdoch has been a passionate advocate for the Breast Cancer Foundation and we at silvertails would commend that charity to you all as a way to remember Corso_Jan in coming weeks.

But for now we would like to extend our sincere condolences to Corso_Pete and his entire extended family in this very sad time.  We cannot fully empathise with your current grief but please be assured of our thoughts and prayers.

In turn we are honoured to in some small way remember Corso_Jan, her life and her legacy.

Written by Matabele on behalf of everyone at


Winging it
That is incredibly sad news. Jan, I will remember as one of the really lovely people on this earth. Pete, words almost can't convey how I feel for you and you have my sincere best wishes.


Kim Jong Dan
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I would also like to ask whether everyone here would prefer the tipping competition donations to go to the McGrath Foundation or a different Breast Cancer research foundation.

I would also like for everyone prior to the game on Saturday night to observe 1 minutes silence, especially those who knew Jan.
I will be locking the boards down for 1 minute prior to kick off on Saturday night as another mark of respect.

My thoughts are with Pete and his family, both Pete and Jan are human beings without equal, they are extremely generous individuals who want nothing more than to help everyone they meet, it is sad that some of our brightest lights are taken from us too soon, and Pete if there is anything that we can do for you please let us know.

I will be setting up a permenant page on this site, linked to from the tipping comp, with a place for those who knew Jan to leave some memories and tributes to her and Pete and I ask that her legacy live on, and hope that some of us are inspired to assist where we can, with the fight against Breast Cancer.



Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
well done dan and mata

I was lucky to have known jan for 7 years and you would go a long long way to find not only a nicer person but a more passionate manly fan.

To see her fight so bravely the last 5 and half years was truely inspirational.

She will be missed but never forgotten.

Corso Jan Forever a manly girl and always my friend.

The Wheel
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Having met both Jan & Pete over the years at the footy I can honestly say you would not met two nicer people, always offerring a smile and a welcoming handshake, friendly conversation and of course they loved sharing their passion of Manly.

Words don't mean much at this time but pete & family please accept my sincere sympathies - remember that Jan will always be with you especially when you are up in the Jane Try Stand cheering another Manly try.


Star Trekkin' across the universe
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Very sad indeed. Condolences to both Pete and his family. She will be missed by everyone who knew her & even by those who only knew & chatted to her over the years on the Manly forums like me. One memory for me was when she was so excited that her daughter had been accepted for trials as a Manly Cheergirl. Even though it was a few years ago, her excitement still sticks in my mind when I saw her on the forums or Pete mentioned her in any of his posts. Rest In Peace.

Chip and Chase

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Sincere condolences to the "Corso" family. I never met Jan but from her postings over the years you could tell she was a passionate supporter, and if memory serves me correctly a big Solomon Haumono fan. She never had a bad word to say and would always look on the positive side, even when things weren't going well on the field. No surprise she battled hard to the end.

How wonderful for her that she got to see Manly win a premiership and a WCC. Rest in Peace.
I too never had the pleasure of meeeting Jan, but after viewing her posts both at MSE and Silvertails could tell how passionate she was about our team.

My condolences to Pete and family.


Journey Man
Like Up i have never met Jan or Pete face to face but have known them through the forums.

I off my condolences as well.


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I will  Just echo everyone else's  sentiments , I met  Jan a  few times
and on the day Solomon Haumono came to see her at Brookie , she was completely overwhelmed ,a truly  wonderful more genuine person you would  never meet .

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My condolences to Pete and his family. I only met Jan briefly but she was someone who left a positive impression with her smile. Her posts were always constructive and warm. She had a great passion for the Sea Eagles and I am sure the knowledge that she was in the stadium last October to witness the big win is a special memory for Pete. Vale Jan, you will be missed. Our prayers and thoughts are with Pete and family at this very difficult time.


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Dan link said:
Hey Dan, can you make it a Sticky so that it will continue to be noticed & then it won't have to be continually bumped to the top of the list?

Mark from Brisbane

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I know Pete (and knew Jan) reasonably well, we met first at the Brisbane game 3 years ago and I had ran into them both many times since.

More passionate Sea Eagle fans you would not find.

I witnessed something last year (first hand) at the after match function we had at the Gold Coast game. I was talking to Pete and up came Cuthbo. Pete asked him if he'd be good enough to sign something for Jan (who was too ill to travel and so  was at home in bed in Sydney)....sign something said Adam, bugger that give me your phone and I'll call her now.For the next 10 minutes he spoke to Jan and I know she was thrilled with the call, Pete meantime was speechless with emotion, it was a special moment for a special lady, I will never forget it, nor her!!

Pete I cannot comprehend what you must be going through mate BUT let me assure you the thoughts of thousands of Sea Eagle fans are with you.


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Why don't we let Pete make the decision? Happy to contribute where directed. Have had family members suffer the same in the last 6 months and I know how the family would feel with the support from our members. Let's all pitch in and help were we can!


UFO Hunter
Really sorry to hear the news Pete.

Thinking of you and your entire family in this terrible time.


Journey Man
Mate - Your a good man. You certainly don't deserve what has happened. No-one does. I would like to offer my deepest condolences to you and your family. Truly tragic mate. If ever you need anything, please let me know.




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Terrible news. I know Jan was a very passionate supporter.

My condolences to Pete and family.

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