Sack Seibold.


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What will every one of these people who signed this petition (the non bulldogs one's taking the piss that is) think if Dessie gets his wish, we come bottom 2-3 next season, no players are willing to come to us (for the third straight year), no assistant coaches will work with him (he has none at present), and our existing players have had enough and are wanting out (because they continue to dislike each other - as they do under his watch now?).

@tookey , honest question - what is it the **** you actually WANT? More of the same? Tell me based upon our current situation, what you have to hang your hat on? 2001 again with Tom - is that all we all have?

Come on man. Do you still actually like our club, because wanting more of the same says to me you've given up hope for a better future.
I am struggling to like the club at the moment

Sick and tired of the continual off field crap year after year ever since the Penns became involved with the club

Yes Des is reaching his use by date but he has done so much for this club he deserves to go out on his own terms not treated like the piece of crap he is by the club and owners

The fact is Manly's history says that success has only come with ex Manly player coaches

When I see Seibold I see another Trent Barrett type coach

Can any Manly fan be happy with these comments:

Seibold used to work for the Sea Eagles, having been an assistant under Trent Barrett Bozo punted Seibold because our defence was crap and he was the defence coach Fact

Owner Scott Penn is a fan of “PowerPoint coaches”, which Seibold certainly is.

Seibold is managed by Isaac Moses, and whenever Moses has a head coach at a club, a group of his players invariably end up there.

Manly will need strict quality control measures in place to guard against repeats of what happened at the Eels, the Tigers, the Broncos and now the Knights. History says Manly won't have sufficient controls

Originally signed for five seasons by the Broncos, Seibold lasted less than two before parting ways following the worst season in the club’s history in 2020 where it claimed the wooden spoon for the first time.

Nothing positive here to suggest he will be a success

Bennett wanted two years more at the broncos and had a succession plan for Demetrio to take over as coach The broncos ignored Bennett and his plan and punted him Look how the Broncos have been since he left

Manly should give Des two more years to put in place a succession plan and not just punt him like they are going to and put Seibold in charge next year


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Good point. Although ... from memory, Mestrov was deemed a failure as CEO for his shamefu non-action on jerseygate before he'd actually started in the job ... so there is a precedent of sorts! @:D
Alternatively we could hire Seibold for just one day? Essenden AFL is setting the pace in this exciting new trend in short-term appointments.

You mean from the viewpoint of @Ryan 🤣


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Look I've been troubled ever since he started. He hasnt won us a game yet, and still no changes in startegies and dropping players. Sheesh whats' he up to?
Yeah, where's Toovs. There's gotta be an investigation.
The problem is we didnt really replace hasler with a better coach. Because at 2 big clubs in broncs and Souths Seibold won nothing. Which makes me think he wont win a premiership at manly either.


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Mr Seibold ...

Winning is everything at Manly

and the only thing that stops the Whinging



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This is what defines our legendary club Manly
Everything else is mediocrity
and if we ever lower our great standards
We stand for nothing great

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