Ryan is this a Gee Up ???


one of your best mate, apologies if you have already copped a truck load of ****e over this already!!!

your post on MSE ??

We had BETTER sign up a big name replacement for BK, or we are in very, very deep do do for next year - ALREADY !!!
Jamie has said the reason he is here is because of Crusher.
What pulling power do we have in the market place as a club?
BK has said he cannot wait until he is finished.
I won't say anything about Donald, Heckenberg, Harris, Alberts, Cleal etc etc who all wanted to leave during a contract, and Monaghan looking elswhere

Anyone see a pattern here?
end quote....

serioulsy mate
1/ did you see how BK left the field on the weekend ? you wonder why hes keen to retire ???

2/ as for those blokes who left the club, which of those blokes are you losing sleep over losing or potentially losing ?

yeah mate i do see a patter, the **** players are being squuzed out where possible!

and as for the clubs pulling power, Kite/Kennedy/Orford/Bell/Lyon ????? all bloody rep players!!!

seriously, i know you are the king of Negativity and we could win the premiership and you will find something to moan about, but that takes you to an all time low! :wall: :wall: :wall:


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There is another poster over there under the name of Ryan but that post has the original Ryan written all over it.

Seriously Ryan that is one of your best :lol: Our recruitment over the last few seasons has been ordinary. We struggle to attract the quality players. :lie:


no it was definately "our" Ryan!

would like to see which other club from first to last that has recruited 5 players of that quality over 24 months!

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I do see a pattern with a couple of the players Ryan haha

Handbags will be playing at his 3rd different side in a row next season, can't handle having to work hard is an impression you can take from that

Alberts has now walked out on 3 clubs, has issues in the head

Cleal knew he was number 6 in the queue so looked elsewhere, fair enough more than the other 2 i suppose


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I wrote a long reply, but really couldn't be bothered, and deleted it.

What I will say, is take what I said, and use it to achieve whatever agenda you may have, but non uni-latteral thinkers might agree there could be a better sense of communication at our club.

Ask some of the Premier Leaguers why they may want out, and I'd say they may reply with - communication issues. That's all I'll say on that.

Yeah Doug - you got me...

In regards to what other clubs have recruited as well as us in the past 5 years. I'll answer with how many clubs have produced quality juniors that they don't have to BUY other than us - and I think it imperative that we attain or produce those JUNIORS, because while BK has been an absolute god send NO DOUBTING, we run into the problem of having to replace him in but two years.

Lyon has gone a long way to achieving that goal.

Plus guys - I said after Sunday - no negativity. What does re-hashing this do for things apart achieve a little possi support group? I get it...you guys are the fab 5, and I'm the straight guy your trying to turn into your gay ways...hehehehe..

Jungle King:- Jai
Clontaago - Definitely Carson
Garts - Ted
Kiwi Eagles - Kyan

And before the "expected" response get thrown about - I had to look up the names on the net.



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you wrote a long reply but could be bothered so you deleted it??? :lol: you make me laugh sometimes.

by the way I thought the above response was long, the one you deleted must have been quite the essay.


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It WAS an essay, but I'm listenning to the Smiths, and the songs were too nice for me to get fired up @ anyone.



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to be honest I didnt get that far, I fired my reply as soon as I read it. lol.

For what its worth I dont believe you anyway, I bet its your favourite show :D


Journey Man
to be honest I didnt get that far, I fired my reply as soon as I read it. lol.

For what its worth I dont believe you anyway, I bet its your favourite show :D

Hey - I'm a proud metro...nah...ask my girl...I'm an old fashion pig...
Ted Bullpit is my hero. :lol:


Winging it
Ah, Ted Bullpit.
One of my favorite lines from the show is when a mate shows up with a six pack. Ted passes it to his wife and says "Do something useful, sit on these and keep them chilled."

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