Rumour on ME........

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Reserve Grader
Someone is claiming that Witt and Donald will be dropped to PL, with Stephenson going into the centres, Alberts on the wing and Beaver at 5/8.

Not completely opposed to the wing/centre decision, but Beaver is in no way or form a 5/8. If it's true that is.

Anyway, just a rumour I suppose.

Plus Alberts would get no pill on the wing from Steppa.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Alberts could play 5/8 but it is most likely silly speculation. No that Hoppa is gone there is nothing subversive for the restless troops to waste their time on.

Chip and Chase

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As you said "just a rumour I suppose". One of the more creative ones though nonetheless.


Kim Jong Dan
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thats got to be the worst joke I have ever heard.....ever!

If anything Willow should play 5/8 and then maybe drop donald and Witt but I think every 2 points Witt can get us will help in this game. I have a good feeling that we will win


Journey Man
Alberts isnt a winger - he is a genuine centre.

Steppa would be a better winger - doesnt need to pass very often and can hit the line at speed (he looks twice the player when moving)


Reserve Grader
please be kind as i may have lost my mind but i think once alberts becomes comfortable in 1st grade he could be a possible 5/8.anasta and barrett are strong gap runners and leave a lot of the distibution to the half which in our case would be orford.i dont advise using him this year but could be a possible next year if we have another centre option pop up somewhere.just a thought.


5/8 is a weird position these days, its almost like another lock or second rower anyway when you have a dominent half ( I SAID WHEN !) much like joey in origen

so yeah beaver could play 5/8, IF WE HAD JOEY AT HALF!!!!!


Reserve Grader
If any part of this rumor is true I will yank every one of my hairs out...

In no circumstances should radical changes like this be put into action in such a crucial game.

As said before, if Witt is to be dropped then Willow is the perfect backup. For those doubting his kicking game, watch round one against the Warriors...First 40/20 of the season.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I think we got one against either the Panthers, Tigers or Knights at Brookie.

My AE Yart:

1. Matabele (site legend and good at taking it up! if he is as good as thinks he will kill them!)
2. Wheel - solid peformer, runs straight and hard to tackle.
3. Kiwi Eagle Solid performer - nothing gets by.
4. Danny - light on his feet and strong on the hit ups, not so good after a big night out, needs Vix medication to play well!.
5. Corso Pete - great at the Counterattack!
6. Chip and Chase - creative flair, attacking genius
7. Byso - Captain Calamity, his haircut makes him a fearsome foe. Good at throwing cut-outs that fail to make any mark, good vision (through telephoto lense!)
8. Ryan - first half of the mini bookends. If Cuthbertson is a winger, Ryan is a prop
9. Jason King - if he is in the AE team he might not play for Manly!
10.Six -balances Ryan as bookend 2. (more commonly referred to as iPod)
11. Pepsi - especially effective in cutting a swathe through the ruck when confronted with female opposition (wants to inherit the Menzies nickname!)
12. Fluffy - will fight hard for any cause (especially lost causes!!!)
13.C_Eagle - master of the cynical defence!

14. MB - passionate defender
15. Vegas - big man who relies on big hits to make an impact
16 SueRidgepip - takes no prisoners
17. Fro - pretty ordinary player but his jokes will have you laughing!!!

This team is sure to do well in The Mediocrity Cup!!!

Buy your tickets now - there is a few tickets on themselves!!!


First Grader
[quote author=Ryan]
Drop Donald. Put Cuthbertson on the wing.

I am begging you Ryan, give me a go on the wing, I know I can handle it, you just have to have faith to include me in a YART.


You certainly have the right attributes :)

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