Rugby League Week Poster review


incase anyone is interested, the eagles are in the RLW poster this week.

Just quietly, check out Whatmough and Kylie Loo Loo standing next to each other, bloody scary, id be bludging out wide if i was facing those two.

As for Hicksy, that pose was for a dare surely, probably planning his next hair cut,,,, as for JP Cherry, he just wishes he had hair..

That lennon bloke is flexing, with the old arm under the bicep trick,

No question Chad looks great, easily his best performance of the year!

Steppa thought it was a school photo, will need some posing lessons from Chadwicks Randall.

Luchetti makes a solid first appearnce in manly colours also, he doesnt look very italian, i think he should just be called "milkmans" from now on.

Witty looks just happy to see sand and clean water, i guess that was always going to happen, as for Paul Curtis, whos he ????? did he just wander out of the surf ? needs an appointment with Hicksys hair dresser bloody quick.

Cant really see BK properly, something to do with the angle of the sun probably

good job eagles :clap: :clap: :clap:
We have a jim curtis in PL - could have stuffed it up.

Is it the same one as the membership?
That sounds alot like the official team photo which was probably used by RLW. Is Hicks sitting in a "thinker" pose?

I got a few of those posters when I became a member, one's stuck on my wall right now.
It's the same poster as the official Manly team photo ( only smaller ). I grabbed a few at the Fan Day & then later received another 3 with my Football Club members pack.

Good poster !! The setting was Warriewood Beach ( I believe )
I had about 7 or 8 and have given a few away. If anyone is keen for one I have one or two left that I could bring to the game!
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A couple of observations:

1. Where is Jye Mullane.
2. Byso could have done a better job of the banner at the bottom.
2....I totally agree, it was pretty ordinary. You can hardly see the text because it was white. tsk, tsk
A few comments on the poster:
1. It's good thing that Willo puts more effort into his footy than his posing because that's a real crap effort.

2. Hicksy's thinker cracks me up - he must be a funny bloke.

3. Zoolander Randall is definitely setting the pace in the posing stakes. If he was in that sort of form on the paddock we'd be unstoppable.

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