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Round 9 wrap and player ratings

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Turbo, May 1, 2016.

  1. Turbo

    Turbo Well-Known Member

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    I think we played well last night with no possession and off a 5 day turnaround and injuries. DCE found some form and Jake t and Parcell continued there good form. We won't be beating Broncos next week though but hopefully we can put in a good performance. Here's the player ratings:

    1.Walker-6 (solid but got injured)
    2.Williame-6 (another solid outing from him did his job)
    3.Lyon-6 (scored a good try and kicked all goals)
    4.Matai-6.5 (tried hard and made some good tackles)
    5.Wright-7 (really impressed by him he was great under the high ball and solid in defence)
    6.Godinet-7.5 (scored a good try, kicking game was good provided good room for Taupau)
    7.Cherry-Evans-8 (easily his best game, try assist, try, controlled kicking game)
    8.Lussick-3 (why is he starting? He provided nothing but penalties)
    9.Parcell-7.5 (looks like our buy of the year continues his workhorse traits)
    10.Myles-6 (found some fight and look like he is Turing his form slump around)
    11.Symonds-5 (night to forget for Tom, silly penalties but good defence)
    12.Taupau-6.5 (good defence and good meters)
    13.Trbojevic-8 (this kid has to be starting for city he is playing brilliant, big tackle count and excellent kick)

    14.Brown-5 (didn't really notice him)
    15.Fonua-Blake-7 (great impact off the bench looks like a keeper)
    16.Lawrence-5 (like brown not noticeable)
    17.Vave-7 (like fonua Blake he bent the line and showed fight (literally)

    Next weeks team may be a bit different, if I was baz this would be my team.

    6.Walker (should be in the centres)
    8.Lussick (last chance)

  2. anthonyb1965

    anthonyb1965 GO Manly Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Why do you troll? You give DCE an 8 above but last night this was your comment "Yep again he is playing crap and frankly it's not good enough it's poor and sad for what we are paying him".

    Maybe you are not a troll and just missing some sheep in the top paddock?

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    • Turbo

      Turbo Well-Known Member

      +1,565 /497
      I made that comment after 2 dead balls and 2 penalties but he turned it around

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