Round 6 Preview: It must be -10 in Hell

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Kim Jong Dan
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Round 6 preview: It must be -10 in Hell

I am the first to admit my tips last week were nothing short of terrible. Gladly however I was not the worst and was not alone in my shambles of tips.
This round I am looking to bounce back and bounce back strongly. I am by no means claiming to go for a perfect round as that is next to impossible in this year’s competition but I am looking for 3 or more out of the 7 and I don’t think that will be too hard this week with only a few tough games.

**NOTE: Just a quick note, my time is extremely limited this week so my tips won’t be as thorough as previous weeks.

Game 1: Bulldogs vs Roosters
Well lets start with perhaps the toughest game this round. The only way to come to a conclusion is to break them down, so lets start with the Bulldogs..

The doggies are suffering from a streak of bad luck at the moment *suppresses a grin of delight*. First they suffer an injury to star forward Willie Mason, next a bout of the mumps hits a player who then passes it on to Willie Tonga and the star rookie Sonny Bill Williams. Then SBW suffers another blow with an injury to his ankle that will see him out of the game for a further few weeks.
To top this off they have suffered a bit of a form slump losing 2 in a row in games they should have won.
The Bye may have helped them recover a little bit and may have prepared them for the win. Their other problem is their bench, whilst their outside backs are of a high quality their depth in the forwards is lacking a little and this has been their down fall of late.

The Roosters, what a surprise they were fined for salary cap infringements, *Suppresses another Grin *. Well what can be said of a team who has been the team to beat for years?
At the start of the season I didn’t think that the departure of Freddy Fittler would have impacted the team very much, well my ignorance has been shown for up in a big way now. They still have a strong and good quality forward pack as well as a fairly fast, strong and versatile outside backline, but their halves just don’t have it at the moment. Finch definitely has the goods but he needs a partner in crime in the 5/8 position. He just doesn’t seem to have the control and leadership or anyone to back him up and assist him to get the troops around the park and into the gaps.

This is a tough game to pick, that’s for sure. My gut is saying the Roosters will pull through if their halves fire. But my head says the Bulldogs forwards and outside backs can match it with the roosters, if Anasta fires as well, then they will be unstoppable.

Daniel’s Tip: Bulldogs

Game 2: Rabbitohs vs Panthers

Last week we finally saw the Panther, they lived up to the promise they have had for a long time. The question is whether or not they can keep up the form and start producing more wins. I have a feeling this is the start of their season but it wont be the season they have had the last few years. They had a strong win over the Storm who were touted as the team to beat in the first few games of the season.

The rabbitohs surprisingly have shown some good football and good form to lift them selves off of the bottom of the table and given their fans something they have not dared to imagine for many years, HOPE.
The Rabbitohs thrashed the hapless Knights last week but its still not enough to tell me they are that much more on the mend.

The panthers should fire against and ride the high of last week to bring home another win.

Daniel’s Tip: Panthers

Game 3: Cowboys vs Tigers

The Cowboys were humiliated last week by the sharks in a powerful display. They are also suffering from a number of injuries to key players and it looks like Hannay is also going to be missing for a few weeks after a trip to the judiciary.
This is a major blow to the team and it may see them have a slump for a few matches. However you just can’t write them off at home.

The Tigers without a doubt are on a roll, steam rolling teams that they should have struggled against . However with the exception of the last week they have only pulled through in tight ones. Its hard to say whether they have just been lucky, in the pre-season they looked rather weak around the ruck. The cowboys are experts at exposing these weaknesses with their speedsters.

Cowboys at home are a formidable enemy, but are they formidable enough?

Daniel’s Tip: Cowboys by a whisker

Game 4: Storm vs Eels

The Storm were beaten by a team that was better on the night. They were out played all over the field and struggled to stay in touch. Their heads went down toward the end of the game and the Panthers capitalized on the weakness. This is a dangerous trend that bellamy will need to work hard to get out of their game. Once the heads go down and when you don’t play the full 80 minutes you expose yourself to a thrashing.
They were lucky to get away with a small hiding and not a flogging.

The Eels, well they are useless. I have said this every week but all the money in the world obviously can’t buy you a football team. When will people start pointing their finger at smith, it is clearly his fault and the team must be asking questions themselves as well as the fans.

I won’t dawn on this too much.

Daniel’s Tip: Storm. But if you want to pick an upset this will be the one.

Game 5: Knights vs Warriors

When I first saw this match listed my immediate thought was “The Knights are due a win� then reality kicked in. The knights just don’t have the forward pack to meet the Warriors. Without the forwards Johns just can not work his magic.

Daniel’s Tip: Warriors, nuff said

Game 6: Sea Eagles vs Raiders

7 weeks ago if you had told me that manly and the raiders would be in the top 4. A bigger shock would have come had you told me the Raiders would be sitting on top undefeated.

The Raiders on paper look terrible, with a bunch of no names. Somehow though they have put together some solid wins some against the “best teams� in the comp.
This week they are missing o’hara which will hurt them a bit but the question remains as to how much.

Manly have worked hard to return Brooky oval to the fortress it once was and a loss at home is no longer acceptable. However the team is without the veteran Terry Hill whos experience and passion on the field helps to inspire the younger blokes and push them to a win. Lets hope the home crowd gets behind them and brings them the win. The inexperience in the centres is a worry and the Raider will look to expose them through high balls out wide.
The key to beating the raiders is in controlling schicofske (I know I spelt that wrong). If you can control this bloke you can control the Raiders.

Manly will look to match this bloke around the park and coming off of the loss to the Dragons last week, coach Des Hasler would have worked hard on the teams ball control and discipline when under pressure. This added to the home ground advantage may get them across the line.

I just don’t know with this one.

Daniel’s Tip: Sea Eagles just before Full Time

Game 7: Dragons vs Broncos

There is no doubt the Dragons finally showed their potential last week, but they are known as the chokers. Will one win against the Sea Eagles let them translate into a further win against a broncos team who are up and down with form?
The Dragons played very well last night, but the bounce of the ball had a lot to do with it. They beat manly but manly played an equal role in the defeat.

The broncos absolutely smashed the Eels, they showed the Eels up and I was delighted. The problem with tipping the broncos is you just don’t know whether they will win it or not. They start out well in every game but then something just falls apart. Added to this Lockyer is having trouble with his kicking and this is never good for a team as they are sometimes missing out on 10 points per game.

The Dragons at home are a tempting bet to place but I just don’t think they will get away with a win this week.

Daniel’s Tip: Broncos by 10

Feel free to discuss this is not as comprehensive as I would have liked but the basics are there and I hope that I get the 3 right I have promised.
Happy Tipping

<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited ]</span>
mmmm panthers have lost the two big kiwis, Rabbits playing with some confidence and enthusiasm, thats my upset of the week, wont be suprised to see the tigers continue their winning streak either.
The Warriors have been gutted by suspension, there could be a few upsets this week as well.

The Eagles are getting tipped by everyone - hopefully the home ground advantage will see us home.
Top stuff. Will definately help my thoughts this week. I'll keep the Knights though, I reckon they could surprise.
chalk up 5 for Danny Boy this week ladies and gentleman, I am back
But did you put these down as your AE tips. Its just I did notice you slip out of the top 10 in the comp this week.
lol no I didnt :D

I need to start having more faith in myself
ive been shooting myself in the foot - i make sure to have at least 1 or 2 upsets each week.

lol, im trying to out think it.

I think my preview got 3 but i got 4 right
MB, that will teach you to mock my superior football knowledge and luck :D
I managed to jag 6 from 7 ( thanks to the Roo$ter$ )
As for the Eels winning in Melbourne ........the less said , the better !!

I'm making a charge for a top 10 position . Only 140 games remaining .
im warming into the season - im still about a month from my best.

Recovery is getting better now

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