Round 10 preview: Blockbusters anyone?

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Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Round 10 Preview: Blockbusters anyone?

Continuing with my average of 5 correct tips per round, which isn’t a bad effort and has leapt me to the top of some of the tipping comps I am in.

This means those following my tips may have a chance to turn their season around and start getting into the winning circle.

I don’t have much time this week, which is why the preview is late, but I will provide you with a late, and quick breakdown of the games for you reading pleasure.

This round is sure to be a blockbuster with some tough match ups and added to that the fact that a lot of players are vying for State of Origin Selection.

I am not confident about my picks this week, but then again I rarely am!

Game 1: Dragons vs Panthers

The Panthers were beaten in their game against the raiders after breaking out to an 18-0 lead. They squandered this through per discipline and defence as the game progressed. The lack of their first choice kicker Preston Campbell hurt the team and Wesser had an off night with the boot. They did however play well and did well to get to their early lead.

The Dragons put in a strong and dominant performance against the Rabbitohs last week and easily put one over them. However they are missing their first choice half back and have put a bandaid solution in place, where centre Albert Torrens will be moving into the half back position. This is a move that may hurt them against a team like the Panthers who have the ability to sting you for stray passes.

I think the Dragons are on a roll and will go on with it from here

Daniel’s Tip: Dragons

Game 2: Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles

Both these teams have been hit hard by injury. The Bulldogs are missing many of their star forwards and have lost Willie Tonga this week who is invaluable to the team out wide scoring at phenomenal rates.

The Sea Eagles are still missing a number of their props but are a little closer to full strength with Brent Kite and Jason king moving back into the line up.
The Sea Eagles struggle at night games and away from home and this will hurt them again. Especially when you add to this the rumours and press circulating about their halfback Monahagn.

Its going to be a tight one and I don’t feel confident about picking either team.

Daniel’s Tip: Bulldogs

Game 3: Cowboys vs Broncos

The Cowboys were humiliated last week by the Eels in a 40 odd point drubbing. This can go 1 of 2 ways for the club.
1- They will be determined to win and come out firing, with something to prove and destroy the broncos
2- Their confidence could have been shaking and they may be outclassed by the Broncos, for the second time this season..

It’s very hard to say. The match is a complete sell out and Townsville will be a site to remember this Saturday night.

The Broncos scraped home against the bulldogs but are still the team to beat, and I think this week they will end the Cowboys winning streak at home

Daniel’s Tip: Broncos

Game 4: Rabbitohs vs Storm

I don’t think a whole lot needs to be said here. The Rabbitohs are still looking pretty week this year and may only be saved from the wooden spoon by the Knights who look like they may go down again this week.

The Rabbitohs have tried various combinations but just can’t get it right and continue to revert to their old ways. Instead of spending money on a few good players, they need to start developing an overall team from key positions or they simply won’t even be able to compete.

The storms look strong but are still without Billy Slater who will be serving out his suspension for a head slam. I have little doubt though that they will win this game.

Daniel’s Tip: Storm

Game 5: Warriors vs Roosters

Possibly the toughest games of this round. The Roosters are far from playing their best football and the Warriors at home are always a difficult game.

The Warriors have been in every game this season only missing out in the latter stages of the game, which suggests a lack of fitness. They are still playing good football and they have the ability to win just about every game that they play.

The Roosters as previously stated are struggling a little bit but have shown moments of the brilliant football we have expected from them.
They have a pretty much full team this week and that should give them some momentum.

This is a tough game to pick, and most of the punters are backing the Roosters, but I am going to go against the grain and with my gut feeling.

Daniel’s Tip: Warriors

Game 6: Knights vs West Tigers

This is going to bea tough game to pick. The knights may just get up to win their first game of the season. They have come close in the last few games, losing by only around 4 points each game.

The Tigers have lost 4 in a row and will struggle in this game after an elbow injury to mark O’Neill will see him out of the match and in fact most of the season (12 weeks).
They were in the game against the Sea Eagles last week, until the very end, where Manly ran away with it.
Their form is up and down and it was their defence that let them down last week.

This is a tough one that is for sure.

Daniel’s Tip: Tigers in a very close match, if you are a punter, put $50 on the knights as the odds aren’t too bad.

Game 7: Raiders vs Sharks

The Sharks are going into this game with the best defensive record of any team. They have looked good in both attack and defence in recent games and it will be interesting to see how they go against a team of equal calibre. Both these teams are capable of winning this game and it will be a battle of the titans.

The Raiders have been going well and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat last week when they went 18-0 down in the early stages.
The Raiders home ground is an advantage but how much of an advantage is very hard to say.

Whilst this game could go either way I think the Sharks are the better team, but the Raiders have more passion and will to win. If the Sharks get out to an early lead they should hold it, but they can not afford to be complacent.

Daniel’s Tip: Sharks


Journey Man
Thanks mate.

You reminded me that slater is out - have to change my virtual team - ill put inglis in if he is the replacement - has some talent


Winging it
Another great summary!
Close to how my thoughts go. This is a very difficult round with quite a few positional changes from what teams would like.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
well I am betting smart. they will beat us, they almost did the broncos last week and they will do us this week. We will compete though


Just hedging his bets, smart move.

Good write-up. 5 or 6 of the games could go either way. Should be a very intersting round. Good viewing. I can watch most of them except the Manly game !doh: :evil: . Shattered :eek:( .


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
he he, This round preview only took about 30 mins all up to write, I just have no time so lets hope the little thought I put i, somehoe pays off

The Wheel
Premium Member
Tipping the Bulldogs - no wonder they Rockers didn't want you in their group love ins


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I was asking Vicky who she wanted to tip for the footy tipping comp I run externally, and she said.

"I just cant tip the bulldogs" and added a few expletives.... god bless the girl!


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Luke Sky Walker to CW: "Your over confidence is your weakness!"

Canteen Worker

First Grader
That's my favourite line in Master and Commander as well!!!!!

When I had a beard my mates (all two of them) called me Chewbacca!!!! :evil: :evil:


Journey Man
The rain in sydney could effect the games as well. Expected to keep on all weekend.

We havnt had many wet games this year so form in the wet is unknown.

It could help us - meaning that more of the game has to go up the middle, but as per the drags game is our forwards drop the ball a lot we are stuffed - then again so are they i guess.

Chip and Chase

True Supporter
Staff member
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Dragons v Panthers

Dragons at WIN are always a tough proposition, and they have all their stars fit and fresh and over those nasty injuries that kept them out of City-Country last week. Must be something in the water at Kogarah that could rival the regenerative powers of the H20 at Lourdes. Torrens listed at No. 7, but will be by number only as Hornby will no doubt take up the position in attack. Penrith blew a good start last week at home against the Raiders leading 18-0 early in the game. But they have Lewis, Campbell and Galuvao back, which is a plus if only from a goal kicking perspective. This one could be decided by whichever forward pack gets on top, and the clash between Ryles/Bailey and Clinton/Ross should be a cracker. I feel like the Panthers haven’t really clicked yet, but they need to soon otherwise their season will slip away. Given that the Chocky Soldiers don’t have a very good record at WIN I’m going for the Dragons in a close one.

Bulldogs v Sea Eagles

Injury woes continue for the Dogs, with Tonga and Maitua added to the cavalcade of stars on the sidelines. Add to this Ben Harris’ departure this week and they are certainly testing their depth. Manly have leaked a few points the last two rounds and will need to get back to the solid defence that marked their season start. If Kite and King play than I think we will have the edge in the forwards. Our back row has been going great guns and if they can put the hard word on Anasta's and Sherwin’s defence, it’ll take some sting out of their attack. The Dogs ran with the Broncos for the majority of last weeks game, which is more than we could achieve the week before. If the forwards fire up and keep the ruck tight than I’m confident we can outlast them. Manly to break the “away� and “night game� hoodoo and win by 8.

Cowboys v Broncos

Didn’t see the Cowboys get touched up by the Eels so I don’t know what went wrong there. Back at Townsville and with Sheppard resuming at half I’m sure they will put in a better performance this week. Despite their poor record against the Broncos they will no doubt be buoyed by their win in the semis last year to get the monkey off their back. The Broncos are probably the form side of the comp at the moment and have rightly firmed in the betting to be premiership favourites. They are classy all over the field and will be keen to keep a roll on before SOO duties decimate their ranks. Speaking of which, I guess this is the defacto SOO trial for the Banana Benders and no doubt it will played as such. A lot of game breakers in both sides, but I feel the Broncos have the edge in experience in the forwards. Broncos will be too good.

Rabbits v Storm

Storm off the bye and missing Slater. Rabbits missing Fletcher and MacDougall. That’s about all you can say on this one, except the Bunnies have beaten them in their last two clashes in Sydney. Not this time though, Storm by plenty.

Warriors v Roosters

The Warriors were unlucky not to get the points against the Sharks last week. They have seen quite a bit of shuffling around in the team this week, with Toopi out, and Faumuina and Jones back. They have a massive forward pack, and Wiki and Price can easily match the go forward of Cayless and Morely. The Roosters broke their run of outs against the hapless Knights last week but not in convincing fashion. Remains to be seen if the young gun Soward can handle the big Kiwis running at him for 80 minutes. I’m always wary about tipping the Warriors because they are a tipsters nightmare, but I think they might get the points this week.

Knights v Tigers

Will the Knights break their duck ?? This one could go either way but I’d have to say I’m leaning towards the Tigers, presuming their self confidence hasn’t taken too much of a battering after 4 straight losses. There is a lot to like about their style of play, and they back their ability to outscore their opponents, hence defence isn’t paramount. The Knights just don’t seem to be getting any better and the place must feel like a morgue. I’m going for the Tigers.

Raiders v Sharks

Another tough one. The Sharks got out of jail against the Warriors and continue their winning ways, but they have a poor record when travelling to the nations capital. The Raiders snatched victory away from the Panthers and to me seem like an unlikely top of the table side. You’ve got to hand it to Jason Smith though, he is driving the team around the park like Juha Kankunnen. This is a toss of the coin for me, Raiders at home ??? Sharks on the back of their good defence ??? I’ll say Sharks, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Raiders get up. In fact I’ll be cheering for them but not prepared to risk a tipping point on them.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
good to see your tips are close to mine

Chip and Chase

True Supporter
Staff member
Premium Member
Tipping Member
From Foxsports

"Five-eighth Kurt Gidley is expected to be sidelined for two weeks with shoulder and knee problems while halfback Steve Witt has lost his battle to overcome a quadriceps strain."

With these two out the Tigers are morals.


Reserve Grader
The Bulldogs might have come close to the Broncos last week but...........

They had Ben Harris off the bench, they don't now.

They had Tonga in the centres, they don't now.

Nate Myles up front, he is also now injured.

Their bench is very weak, however ours is pretty depleted too, still we should get the win up IMO. Sherwin and Anasta will struggle especially if we get on top in the forwards. You would hope we did..........

The Wheel
Premium Member
Is Nat Miles out??? Where did you hear that? I thought he was chosen in the team.

Chip and Chase

True Supporter
Staff member
Premium Member
Tipping Member
Fri May 13, 12:14pm (NSW)
Written by: Chris Riediger
Source: Canterbury Bulldogs Supporters Site
As if it could be any worse, the Bulldogs have suffered another major setback to their premiership defence with promising youngster Nate Myles being ousted for 6 weeks with a leg injury.

Myles wasn't even in the First Grade squad prior to the season start, but injuries saw him get his chance in he never looked back. Coming from the bench, he was moved into the second row with the injuries to Reni Maitua, Willie Mason and Sonny Bill Williams. However, with Mark O'Meley suffering injury, Trevor Thurling ruled out for the year and Ben Czislowski out of form, Myles was pushed up into the front row along side Kiwi International Roy Asotasi. His form in recent weeks has been outstanding, with him contributing over 30 tackles and 10 hit-ups against Brisbane as well as scoring a try.

This is the latest blow in a series of cruel blows for the defending premiers, and once must wonder whether they can keep their season on track to give themselves a shot once players return.

It is expected skipper Andrew Ryan will push up to partner Asotasi in the front row, with Adam Brideson coming on to the bench to cover for Myles. It is not clear who will partner Grimaldi in the back row, but it is likely to be Brad Morrin at this stage.

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