Rest or play?


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Should we rest or play our injured players

As i understand BK, Ox and Watmough all have an injury. Out of those Watmough is expected to play, the other 2 unknown.

Should we puch for the top 4 spot with our best team and risk further injury or should we rest them and hope for the best knowing that we could finish as low as 6th and therefore be a risk of dropping out week 1 again as we would play in either newcastle or brisbane?

Personally i would play them, I dont think the extra week will effect BK that much, seems his injury will require months to get over fully. The Ox doesnt seem too bad, and as long as his kicking isnt effected (as it didnt appear to be last weekend) then play him. Otherwise play Monas on one side and Travis on the other - with very specific coaching. That way monas can control just one side like the canberra game last year in round 26. No way should we bring witt into the side.


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Difficult one. I think Bennett had the line when he said after last saturday's game that you have to beat the teams to win the comp anyway and where you win shouldn't be in the equation. A home final doesn't necessarily mean we'd win at home. Over this season we've certainly dropped games at Brookvale. I'd personally love to see it but fourth or fifth shouldn't be the issue. The issue is winning games in the finals. So no, I'd probably not play either one on Saturday night and have hem certainly fresh for the following week for probably the Newcastle game.


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All three are committed dedicated players. They will know whether they can add to the team or be a liability. Leave it to them to decide.


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The positives of finishing 3rd are too great to ignore. If they can walk they can play.

Obvioulsy the home semi is a huge plus but also a reasonable chance of progressing direct to week 3 of the final series should either Melbourne or Bulldogs get beaten during week 1.


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All three are committed dedicated players. They will know whether they can add to the team or be a liability. Leave it to them to decide.

If we were to all take that atticutde these forums would be boring as anything- of coarse the players and staff will have a better idea than us but this was after an opinion. or is it your jsut in the mood for some fence sitting?

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Aside from the for's and against's of player health, the experience that these games will provide to the team for not only the finals but also our go at the premiership next year is incalculable.

You dont over achieve without risking something. (this last quote was just for you Byso)


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I'd expect teams 7 and 8 to lose 1st round of semi's this year, which means it doesn't matter who wins out of teams 3,4,5,6 in week 1 of semi's as they get no advantage or disadvantage. If manly do win this week and get a home final, it could well mean nothing if manly win the home final game as week 2 will still be elimination.

Mind you if teams 7 or 8 win, the above theory sucked.

Rest if needed.


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Rest. A home semi final would be good but not imperative to continuing. It would give some of the PLers who did such a good job last time we played the storm (and won) a huge incentive to play well and impress. As well having injuries compounded to get us a home final and then secumb to those injuries would defeat the purpose. Playing half fit players is a disaster waiting to happen. We can win the comp from fifth spot. Will Des make the right move, damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

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