Realism on the Hill

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Canteen Worker

First Grader
It was funny to listen to the support of the many vocal supporters on the hill. It demands the conclusion that Manly fans are very fickle but also that they are very realistic, unlike the very small minority of fans who can only see good when it comes to maroon and white.

Kite was being called a 'big pussy' by a group around us, with some even calling for him to go back to St G. A heckler near us was calling for Orford to give the money back. Matai was roundly castigated for his defence and Monaghan copped several buckets too. King also copped his fair share.

Good thing was that as the game progressed the mood of the crowd changed and the same hecklers started the chants that added so much to the atmosphere. Far from being critical, these guys showed themselves as the True Supporters - as they paid their dough, recognised when someone wasn't living up to their promise but certainly got behind their team when they needed it.

Manly :clap: :clap: :clap:


First Grader

Were was the Flufster.

I find it amusing hearing the jibes around the ground. You would think there was 50 Matabeles scattered around the ground ;)


Journey Man
both of those pictured were not there - i was up in singo and duff was recording.

my question is where are these loudmouths when im there?


Winging it
I had two young girls come in after half time and take a seat with their friends just behind me. They had no interest in footie and one had a laugh that was a deep "ARGHAAWWWWW".
One of the guys who had been enjoying the game got sick of it and said "For gawd's sake, SHUT UP, you sound like a seal being clubbed!"
That was my 'Quote Of The Game'. :dance:

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Fluff - when you are there no other loudmouths get a word in edgewise!!!!

Byso: 50 Matabeles around the ground - that is Gold!!!! :clap:


Journey Man
Byso: 50 Matabeles around the ground - that is Gold!!!! :clap:

I am inspirational you know.

What would you prefer to be? Intelligent, articulate and proud of it?

Or a Rocker?

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