MVP: Rd 12 v Storm

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It may be far fetched but maybe, just maybe, some of these morons voting and most of the commentators and post match panelists etc know a bit more about footy than the armchair experts
Yesssss, you are right. DCE could never do anything wrong 🙄


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Orrrrrrrrr, he could do plenty right and play a big role in a Manly win …
Amazing when his ledger leads towards the positive and we win… but let’s ignore the negative while we ride his knob. He did some great things this evening, but he also had plenty of brain dead explosions.

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Amazing when his ledger leads towards the positive and we win… but let’s ignore the negative while we ride his knob. He did some great things this evening, but he also had plenty of brain dead explosions.
lol, so if some people think he played well, they are riding his knob. Fantastic viewpoint

What were all these “brain dead explosions” you speak of, and how do they outweigh the crucial plays that got us points ?

Mark from Brisbane

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The two front rowers lead the way tonight & Jake his usual 120% performance.

Paseka 3
AoA 2
Jurbo 1


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3 - Lehi - great debut, cool under pressure
2 - Jake - when he is not tackling, he is backing up, deserved the try
1 - Taniela we would miss him badly - outplayed NAS ( happy to say Oshay is improving each game)
great efforts by Rueben, T Talau, & Mole


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3. Burbo ( almost topped tackle count, even more than Jake, scored try, has come of age)
2. Talau (must stay in the centres)
1. DCE (the master controls proceedings)

Special congratulations to young Hoppa. Great debut. Glad he got off to a good start. Talau and Koula in the centres and Garrick back on the wing? Gordie to start at hooker. Good game.
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Does it matter?… the morons voting Dally M will give most points to DCE anyway
You raise a good point as much as a few want to contest - he had a reasonable game last night (better than the last three weeks where I think he was close to the worst player in the competition), but certainly wasn't one of our very best and yet it's almost a foregone conclusion he will get points when we win. The 'experts' often seem to lazily pick out the big names when voting but I personally value the opinion more of everyone in here who watches the team every week - and from what I can see there aren't a lot of people with DCE in their top 3.

3 - Talau - quietly becoming one of the form outside backs in the comp, remarkable considering where he was with the Tigers last year and having not been in our 17 to start the year
2 - Hopoate - great debut and looked very comfortable against a tough team. Need to ensure he is part of our plans moving forward and doesn't join the growing list of juniors playing for other teams
1 - Vaega - everyone should stop and look at the energy and passion RayRay plays with, and compare it to what we've seen from Paulo throughout the season

Shoutout to Garrick as well for finally putting in a good defensive performance at centre - the depth and options we currently have in our backline is pretty strong!

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Is it maybe the moron’s see different things to you ??

They were raving over his performance on Fox.
Two of our tries were the direct result of Chez decisions/plays where his timing was perfect (switch from right to left + short ball to Jake)… plus his kicking was 8/10 for mine…
Maybe they are not so much morons but (overly?) value the role that a half plays in creating scoring opportunities?

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3 Talua-- underrated defensive centre and Boom 💥 in attack
2 Hopoate- kids all class because he's not full of himself.. Will mark II
3 Brooks- played tough after a few average weeks, and had to a Storm targeted him

Special mention to Ray Ray..all effort.
And our regular regulars DCE and Jake

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