Quick Season Review

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Chip and Chase

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Stewart - One of our more consistent performers. Had a couple of poor games and could still do with some work under the high ball. His defense has been solid enough and saved us on plenty of occassions. Has improvement in him and should get a Slater like combination going with Orford next year. Reminds me of Brett Hodgson in the way he plays above his weight.

Hicks - Showed glimpses of his 2004 form, but overall a little disappointing for mine. Admittedly didn't have much opportunity. Look for improvement next year.

Donald - Is quick but too small and was found out under the high ball too often. Probably ended up in the right spot (PL) on his effort this year. Good luck to him in England, will probably carve up like Dallas and Alberts have before him.

Steppa - Didn't impress at centre but showed some potential as a winger. Has defensive deficiencies that need work.

Hill - I guess he did what he was paid for this year, keep a centre spot warm for Bell and add some experience for the youger guys. Obviously too slow these days to be a threat but has been OK given lack of other options. Can no longer walk the talk but will always be remembered for his class during the 90's. Thanks for your efforts Tezza.

Matai - Really needs to work on his defence, can put on some good hits put gets found out too often. Aggression is good sometimes but was prone to give away stupid penalties, we don't need another Hoppa. Not sure whether he will get the gig to partner Bell next year.

Alberts - Showed a little bit of spark in attack during his time in first grade, but lack of size and defence may be an issue. Prepared to give benefit of doubt till he gets a solid injury free run.

Witt - Thought he started the year OK and his defence didn't seem to be a problem. Things went pear shaped once our poor run started. I'm not sure what to make of his potential, he might look better outside Orford where the quality of ball will be better.

Monas - I've been on the record on numerous occassions stating that this guy is not an NRL standard halfback. His defence is good and he does play with passion, but our attack was rudderless with him at the helm. Can't see how he will offer anything better at 5/8. Needs to keep his name out of the papers, relinquish the captaincy and get used to having a number 9 on his back.

Kennedy - Absolute champion. :clap: :clap: He must be named Captain next year.

Menzies - A little inconsistent at back half of season, but having to play 5/8 probably didn't help. Deserved his SOO call up and look forward to another solid effort next year.

Watmough - Looked good when we were travelling well and congratulations to him for earning a SOO jumper. Form dropped off after he got injured but was still putting in an effort every week. Will definitely improve more next year and must keep learning off BK.

Willo - Tries hard and always gives 100% but is basically a toiler. Every team needs one so no disrespect intended.

Harris - Enigma. Has potential but Des couldn't get it out of him. Way too inconsistent. Needs to be more selective with his offloads. Will probably set the world on fire at the Tigers next year knowing our luck.

Kite - Didn't live up to my expectations. He wasn't poor but I guess I expected a little more from him. Hopefully will improve next year and get back to some of the form that saw him earn SOO representation.

Heckenburg - Good early season form but cut down by injury at crucial time. Is never going to be a world beater but puts in.

King - Joke. How this guy kept getting picked week in week out is beyond me. He had better be in the gym as I type, working on this body shape problem that is trundled out as an excuse each week. I expect a huge improvement from him next year or he can hit the highway.

Leu Leu - Needs to have more of an impact off the bench. Showed glimpses of what he is capable of against Canberra, but was few and far between. Is a big unit and should be running harder at the line. Is capable of some big hits in defence but needs to be a bit more circumspect about when he unleashes them. Looking for an improved effort from him next year.

Bryant - Thought he was one of the better performers in the second half of the season. Was given an opportunity when injuries hit and really tried hard. How King got picked over him is beyond me. Hope he gets more opportunity next year.

Randall - No surprise he has not been signed for next year. Really doesn't offer anything in attack. Good luck in the future Chad.

Dunley - Adds some good spark off the bench but can get a little lost in attack at times. Discipline can be a concern as well, but overall a solid enough effort. Should be a good foil for Orford next year when we have a better organised attack.

Dessie - Overall I have to say that getting us to the 8 was a good effort as I didn't expect that we would be there at the start of the year. However I am disappointed that we finished the season on a whimper after a very promising start. His reluctance to change personnel and shake things up a bit when we were travelling so poorly was difficult to understand. I guess he was just taking the safe option. We really need to see an improvment in our on field organisation and our attacking options next year, but hopefully this will come with the addition of Orford and Bell. Will reserve judgement on his abilities as coach till next season, once we see how he goes with some better cattle.

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