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Qld Cup grand final granted to Coast

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Jethro, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Jethro

    Jethro This space is for rent Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Here is another QLD Cup news article that I submitted the other day but hasn't appeared. I don't know whether I am doing something wrong when I'm submitting news articles or whether Dan has just been too busy having a life to get to it.

    [quote author=http://www.thedaily.com.au/news/2009/jul/25/qld-cup-grand-final-granted-coast/]

    Qld Cup grand final granted to Coast

    12:00a.m. 25th July 2009

    By Steve Zemek

    The Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles scored a massive coup yesterday in being granted the right to host this year’s Queensland Cup Grand Final.

    The QRL board voted to stage the September 12 competition decider at Stockland Park after the Sea Eagles successfully outbid rival team the Burleigh Bears.

    Sea Eagles CEO Justin Veivers called it a huge boon for not just the game, but also the region itself.

    “We are going to promote it as Destination Sunshine Coast,” he said.

    “We’re expecting a lot of intra state travellers. We’re putting together accommodation packages. We’re going to try and make it a football festival in a sense.”

    Veivers said the game was expected to attract a crowd of about 6000 and the club would erect temporary seating for 2500 3000 people at the Kawana stadium.

    Just hours after being told the news by QRL boss Ross Livermore, the club was already planning for the match.

    Veivers told the Daily the game would be a week long celebration of rugby league which would feature a grand final breakfast as well as a captain’s run on the ground the day before.

    “I’m very thankful to the QRL because they’ve shown a huge vote of confidence in us, to be able to do it,” he said.

    “They’ve seen what we’ve got here. They accept it’s a very important area for them. They also accept we’ve done a very good job in our first year.

    “To give us their showpiece game, to be shown around Queensland and Australia on TV, they obviously trust that we can do the job.”

    Veivers said the Sunshine Coast’s successful bid was a massive argument for a permanent grandstand to be built at Stockland Park.

    He said the Sunshine Coast sporting community had been lobbying the Queensland government for the required $5 million in grandstand funding for years, and being awarded the grand final proved the region was capable of hosting large scale events.

    “This is what we want the stadium for,” he said.

    “We want to bring in big events, real money into the Sunshine Coast, bring television events to the Sunshine Coast and we’ve been able to do that.

    “To the state government I’d say this is just another example of what we can do with infrastructure that’s not permanent. Imagine what we could do with what we really want.”

    An obviously ecstatic Veivers said the final piece of the puzzle was for the Sunshine Coast to make the grand final in their first year in the state competition.

    “They’re playing great footy and we’re hosting the grand final. They’ve got a chance to play in a grand final in front of thousands of fans.

    “I know (coach) Brandon Costin thinks they can go a long way, and maybe this can be the impetus for them getting there.”
  2. Fluffy

    Fluffy Well-Known Member

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    "Sea Eagles CEO Justin Veivers called it a huge boon for not just the game, but also the region itself"

    Just think about the size of the Mo there
  3. byso

    byso Well-Known Member

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    6000 crowd crickey, not much
  4. Brookvale

    Brookvale Well-Known Member

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    it's more than they get at the NSW RL cup GF or a roosters game.
  5. Canteen Worker

    Canteen Worker Well-Known Member

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    Round about the same as a Swans game in the ACT!!!
  6. Fluffy

    Fluffy Well-Known Member

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    and the village first grade football (soccer) side in britain

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