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Protitution to solve problems


Winging it
Staff member
Jul 15, 2004
It was reported in yesterday's SMH that Germany has found a way to solve their unemployment problems. Prostitution has been legalised in Germany and brothel owners now have access to official databases of job seekers. The government is now referring women to brothels as a legitimate job and any woman under 55 and out of work for more than a year who does not accept this form of legitimate employment can lose her unemployment benefit.

Prime Minister, John Howard, despite criticising European countries in recent days said that not all their ideas were to be discounted. Tony Abbott, Minister for Women in their Place, and Kevin Rudd, Minister for Woman & Children Behind Bars, both embraced the concept and said they were looking to ensure that women in Australia got back to the one of the two places where they belong and were obviously needed.
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