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Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Is why i havent been here much lately

For some reason, when the page loads it then decides to freeze for about 30-40 seconds at a time and it is very bloody frustrating. Is the only site it seems to happen on

Anyone got any ideas on how i can fix it ?
I haven't had any problems KE. You need to tell Dan what OS you have (XP?) and more importantly the type and version of Firefox or MS Explorer (or other) you are using. Is it every page or just some? Also whether you are on cable, isdn, dialup modem etc?
I hear theres a few viruses linked on sheep porn sites ,but you wouldnt know anything about that!- hey Kiwi Eagle..
If you are using IE6.

Tools>internet option.
Then under, General> temporary internet files SETTINGS

Where it asks "check for newer versions of stored pages" Select AUTOMATIC or NEVER.

I changed this setting to "Every visit to a page" and the site ran like a dog.

Hope ths helps
Bah. If you're using IE6, shoot yourself now while you still have the chance.

How many 'system critical' bugs need to found in that POS before people change??
General people don't understand all that stuff. They just use IE6 because it's there and works for the majority of sites.
Byso that likely will be the cause.

I am not sure why it happens here, there is nothing in the code that should make it occur.

The site is cached at any rate so you shouldnt need to do local cacheing
alternatively download and use Opera or firefox, They are much better Browsers anyway
cheers fellas, bysos option worked

too lazy to download stuff haha, will truck on with this for now,seems to do the job
Welcome KE - you were always a voice of reason!! Don't pay too much attention to Doug - his new nasal spray hasn't started working yet!!!! :blaugh: :blaugh:
Hmm not sure what the cause is but willing to bet it has to do with this site Cacheing itself. Am looking for a fix as we speak so you wont have to change your settings

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