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Gone up 10% for 2006 - with the average crowd throughout the "hills" being 12,000 - 15,000 that's a revenue increase of potentially $24,000 - $30,000 per game OR with a 12 home match draw set, an overall increase of $288,000 (potentially) if things go to plan victory wise. Add to that a possibe home final, and club are looking at somewhere in the vicinity of $300,000+ from the battlers. I personally believe the net increase should not outweigh the average inflation rate. When you consider the beers, pies etc are already ridiculusly over priced, it would make it hard for some families to attend, with the cost of living (including petrol for those that drive) going up substantially.

Again - I say this club is more about the $-, than a club like The Cowboys, where it is about the fans.

Sorry guys - just my opinion. This doesn't affect ME, because $22- is nothing. But the average family that travel from Campbelltown or something???
$most clubs charge $22 - $25 per ticket but you get a seat for that, its increased steadily over the last few years, if it hist $24 - $25 I will be re-considering going to every home game, i already pay several hundred a year
Like you said Dan - we sit on grass that is very easily maintained. There are absolutely no creature comforts re: shading etc.
I remember paying $13- to watch North Sydney, we had a seat underneath the old oak, and they'd occassionally give you a free sausage sanga if you handed in your entrance ticket.
I dont think the prices are too bad yet.

As long as they aren't ridiculous.

It is what the club is spending the money on is what I am more interested in.
$20 is a psychological barrier.

We got side-on tickets to a FINAL at Parramatta Stadium for $22. The end-n tickets were less than $20. That's for a seat at a final.

Ryan, interesting figures. The economist in me wants to work out the J curve effect of what impact the price increase will have on crowd figures. It won't net as much as you say.

CPI is likely to be 3-4% this year. However, more than likely the average lower-middle class person will have less in their pocket next year given where petrol is and looks likely to stay.

Maybe the club has finally decided to market appropriately to the North Shore demographic?

I won't hold my breath.
In that case, you'd think the club could cater for this demographic in more ways than just raising prices. You know what I mean here too Mata....
$22 for sitting on a grass hill is too steep, at that price its not a major concern for me but I wont be goingto every home game at this rate, not to sit on a blade of grass
$2- is a real killer isn't it, it wont stop me from going but a family may re-consider.

We have Orford now he'll bring more people.
byso this is the 3rd year in a row that it has increased, if it is going to do this, where will it stop. soon it will be like the AFl where you spend $50 a ticket
I get you're point but as long as the club makes proper use of the funds I'm happy enough.

But then again i'm silly enough to pay $80- for the club I support with little return. :)
I used to sit on the hill,but i thought like you guy's if i am going to pay $20 and sit on grass i would pay the same and sit in front of the Jane Try Stand on a plastic seat.I sit to the right of the stand where the opposition fan's usually sit so i can give it to them.I still dont mind paying the extra $2 if it goes back to the club and then to the team.So i will still go to evety home game that i can.I dont have a family so it wont be too much of a burden to bear next season.That is the extra cash they have to make to pay for the OX....
Like you said Dan - we sit on grass that is very easily maintained. There are absolutely no creature comforts re: shading etc.
I remember paying $13- to watch North Sydney, we had a seat underneath the old oak, and they'd occassionally give you a free sausage sanga if you handed in your entrance ticket.

You Payed To watch Norths My Condolences :lol:
That's why it's a farce that the NRL lets player slike Jamie Lyon to go overseas. Fitgerald has cost this business direct cash flow, and should be held accountable.
Ryan no doubt because you were (as usual) in such a rush to bitch about the club, you seem to have failed to mention that kids under (I think) 12 are let in for free. As a family man bringing a couple of kids from the Hurstville area $22 is a bargain.

A lot of clubs charge for kids ..... any money raised goes to the club ..... what other afternoon's entertainment do you get these days for under $22????
this season they were charging for kids at least at the start of the year. i took my nephew and neice to the football and it cost me $10 each for them and they are both under 10
If Manly had Jamie Lyon playing for them next year then i wouldn't mind paying extra to see him and Orford and Bell in the same team. However thanks to ar...les like Fitzgerald we won't be able to see him.

I am happy to pay the extra money provided the team puts in at every game next year especially the home games.

However if they serve up crap like some of the games over the past couple of years and have players who do one hit up for 13 metres then I wouldn't pay 2c to watch something like that.

Its all about quality and value for money. Not just paying more and having crap dished up by players who couldn't care less.
Daniel, are you are talking about grandstands? The hill is definitely free for kids under a certain age ...... its been that way for at least 3 seasons because my oldest is now almost 7 and he has been coming with me since he was 3 & 1/2 .....
No I took my nephew and neice tot he sharks game in round 2 and had to pay $10 to sit on the hill with them.

Last year they were free but htey announced at the start of this year that they were changing this

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