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Man, how good is it to have football back. I only watched the Ravens - Eagles game of the thurday games, not sure if I'll have the time/motivation to go back & watch the others.

Eagles are looking very nice from what I saw (yeah yeah, I know. It's only the Pre-season), Vick is back to last year's level of play, could be even better. His blitz pick up has improved out of sight.

Riley Cooper - WOW. He may have brought the suck in last year's playoff game but he absolutely destroyed Chris Carr & Ed Reed (Yes, THE Ed Reed) to make a 40yrd catch. I don't think I've ever seen anyone jump over Reed like that, crazy times.

The O-line has also improved greatly. Looking very sleek in pass protection, formed a lovely pocket for Vick, giving him plenty of time to go through his reads. Run blocking was below par I thought. A lot of the 2nd string linemen struggled with pass pro as well which was disappointing, we need Winston Justice back, if only for depth purposes. Justice vs Ryan Harris for the RT spot will be an interesting battle to watch, we really need one of them to step up & fill to role of a blind side protector that Vick can trust.

Chad Hall suprised me, he is really pushing for a roster spot. With the return game being nerfed he may just nab the #5 WR slot over Higgins & Moss. Rest of the corps were meh, Avant as solid as ever.

D-line is motherf'n BEAST! Watching Cole, Tapp, Jenkins & Babin pound the living bajeezus out of Flacco left me with that warm tingly feeling. Even the back ups were gouging the Ravens big time. Secondary is superb, as expected. No worries there. LB corps blows, big time. Again, no suprises. Chaney is our only LB that I have hope for.

Gang Green is back baby!

One thing is grinding my gears though, the rule that moves kick offs up to the 35. Why even bother kicking off now? Just start it at the 20. Even the girliest legged kicker in the NFL can routinely get touchbacks from the 35.


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My problem isjust how much depends on Vick. We looked good but it seems young is only trusted with running plays.
We lose Vick and we are ****ed.

In saying that Vick was friggin awesome man he can slot that ball anywhere. Great timing great arm


Bear in mind that Young has only been practicing since the 4th, he should improve vastly by the end of the season. In the horrific but likely event that Vick goes down, don't be surprised if Kafka comes in over Young. The coaching staff are very high on Kafka & I was impressed with him last night. The interception was a poor throw but if he can keep this level of development up (from where he was last year) he should be our starter long term - perfect WCO QB.

Young can do the job if need be though, the dude just finds ways to win games. Our running game isn't as weak as it may appear either, LeSean McCoy is a top 5 back in the NFC.

Were any of this mornings games on TV? I've been at work since 4am & have only caught the box scores.

Looks like Miami sprung a big comeback on Atlanta - much laffs at the choking birds. Looks like the Niners still blow as well, chin up TE, at least you're guys will be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes :p


Rivers to come back with a vengeance & win the MVP award that he should've got last year?

I've gotta say that I've always had a soft spot for the Bolts, hope they go well this year. Should be interesting to see if the defense suffers from losing Ron Rivera.


Eagles are blowing chunks against the Stealers right now, just don't look interested at all - even for pre-season. D-line is still beast but the LBs are just as crap as they have been since the start of training camp. Secondary are whiffing bit time but it's not due to lack of talent, everyone seems really confused as to what their roles are, very disappointing. Poor ol' Nate Allen is having a nightmare out there, not sure if the new scheme fits him (at least in the way they're using him). He needs to sit deep where he can make some plays & help out the CBs. Coleman or Jarrett need to be in the box, smashing cats & blowing up plays.

Offence is much better than expected for the 2nd PS game, other than Vick who has thrown two picks already - one into double coverage & the other into triple. I know Vick is a notoriously bad practice QB & all (considering he was so bad - against the Bungles no less - last year they almost cut him) but come on man, at least look like you're trying to actually improve your game & learn to offense, not just turning up so you can pocket your obscene pay cheque.

EDIT - oh lol, three picks. Unsuprisingly right after he gets sacked he hucks it right up into Polamalu's lap. Pre-season or not, it's embarrassing that this man is getting paid 17m this year to play football, show some freaking spirit out there, dog-killer!

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Mate they arent using 1st string players are they? I mean most of these morons are second stringers with a few 1sts in right? They should be better in the last preseson game

BTW what channel?


I'm at work so watching what I can online & getting highlights from

Starters from both teams played the first half, though Mendenhall & Rapistburglar got pulled after 14-0.

Typically the first PS game the starters will only play the first quarter, to shake off the rust. Second they'll play a half & get into the rhythm of playing again & the third PS game is treated almost as a real game with the starters often playing up to the start of the 4th. So we'll see next Saturday if the Eagles can't work out the hiccups.

Fourth PS game is for backups to try & earn a roster spot or get onto the practice squad so nothing major. Next week is when we'll get a better idea of where everyone is at.

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Watching bears vs giants now, this review crap right here is as bad as leagues video ref, that td was clear as ever but it gets stupid....


Heh sorry man, PM sent.

The new rules the NFL have put in this year are utter crap. Reviewing every scoring player? Come off it. It's only slightly more annoying than the non-kickoffs that we have to watch now.


Much better showing from the Igs this week in a 24-14 win, the D really stepped up after that poor effort last week & showed what they have. Nate Allen split time with Jarrad Page at SS - kind of disapointed in that because I have high hopes for Allen, but he is coming back from a ruptured patellar tendon so fair game. Allen is one to watch as the season goes on, if he can get back to 100% he is a great playmaker. Kurt Coleman beasted it up at FS again, who would've thought that a 7th round pick would turn out to be such a baller? He cant lay the wood like Jarrett but he's got a great tackling technique - he'd be a great rugby player.

Cornerbacks were great, unsuprisingly. I felt a little let down by Trevard Lindley who got into the game in the 4th. He was a 4th rnd pick last year & the team seemed to have high hopes for him as a future successor to Asante. He's just not showing anything this year & now he's fighting for a roster spot. Ideally I'd like for the Iggles to trade Joselio Hanson & keep Marsh plus one of Lindley or Brandon Hughes. There just isn't enough room to carry anymore CBs on the roster unfortunately.

D-Line was sweet as always. Run D was much better this week, I've got no worries for how this unit will go over the course of the season. Interesting battle so see if Phillip Hunt can make the roster, he'll need a big game next week in the Backup Bowl. He's a good pass rusher but got burned a few times by Peyton Hillis in the run game, not sure if he's physically big enough to crash into the run game but he does have good technique. I'm just not sure if there is room on the roster for a specialist pass rusher.

The improvements in the linebackers was outta' sight. Matthews took his medicine & went out there & made some plays. He wasn't a playmaker but he certainly didn't get burned which is what we need. Jamar Chaney is the stud & he showed it, can't believe how great he looked in coverage after the clumsiness of the first two weeks. Just an absolute beast. He is another that we stumbled across in the 7th round who has turned out to be amazing. Moises Fokou was unspectacular while being solid, which is what is expected of him now. Ideally I think that we'd like one more stud LB, but there just isn't anything else out there ATM. Really impressed with Brian Rolle, the rookie MLB back up. He looked great in the nickle & when he took over as starter in the 4th. Kid is so freakin' fast.

Offence is still spluttering along, not really looking great but getting the job done. Running game is really great & I'm excited to see what that group can do come the season proper. Shady, Brown & Lewis all carved it up & made good yardage. Dion Lewis is really impressive, I was iffy on the Eagles selecting him in the 5th with everything else that was on the board but he really is looking spectacular. Lewis will be the #2 RB next year for sure if he keeps this improvement up. Pitt representing!

Not much you can say for the TE or WR groups as Vick didn't have a great deal of time to look downfield. O-Line was really awful, just terrible to watch. Fingers crossed that JJ is back at center for week 1 & that Danny Watkins can lift his game (Not to mention one of our RT's actually getting healthy...please?) otherwise we may not see much of Vick at all this year after he does a shoulder or knee. Vick still looked much better this week (Hard not to after throwing 3 picks right?), showed a lot more interest in the game & moved around well. Quietly confident that he'll do the job come week 1 (assuming Mudd can get his unit to keep Vick upright).

All in all, good signs. The backup bowl next week against the Jets should confirm which fringe players will make the roster & who will get cut.

I also see that the Bungles won a game! Albeit against the Panthers, but hey when you're the Bungles you'll take whatever you can get. Looks like the light finally went on for Andy "The Ranga Ranger" Dalton. Ranga to AJ Green is going to be something that Cinnci fans hear a lot this year. Duff will be happy.

Just caught the end of the Ravens - Redskins game, looks like the Ravens have clinched it with a late TD with 22 seconds left on the clock. Far to close given the talent levels of the two teams. Can't really comment on what happened because I haven't seen it but the numbers aren't pretty for either team's passing attack. Ravens better be hoping that Bryant McKinnie can actually play because that O-line blows chunks.

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