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Guys, this is a serious thread that we want kept that that way. Please keep the posts on topic or they will be deleted.

I was chatting to a few blokes and the topic was potential major sponsors for our team. My suggestion was approaching Billabong. Now that may sound a bit left field considering that their game is surfing but the coverage that they receive for their sponsorship dollar isnt huge considering that surfing isnt really a huge sport in terms of TV ratings etc. What better place to promote Billabong then on the Peninsula??

Anyway, I was interested in hearing any other ideas you guys might have in regard to sponsorship.


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I agree Clon. The club needs to utilise its strengths in a much more proactive way. We live on the beach, why not use sponsors that are demographic specific? I believe Billabong is quite a successful brand, and quite profitable. Why NOT have an expense in their P&L being sponsorship / advertising.

My only concern is this. I did a HECK of a lot of groundwork with Nab's potential major sponsorship of The Eagles around 10 months ago. I had The state manager, as well as the sponsorship manager for us go out to personally have an appointment with the old CEO. Hnece to say they weren't impressed with the product / sales pitch.
Grant Mayer on the other hand communicates exceptionally, and I will re-visit this scenario at the end of this season.
I hate to say this, but I would MUCH rather a large corporate like Nab, or a large industry leader like Billabong sponsor The Eagles than one person who is the director of a medium sizeed business. I'm not scoffing at Max's support though, just wishing someone like Nab could commit say $1 mill per year over say a 5 year time period. That's called security, and I wouldn't imagine John Stewart phoning Grant Mayer, demanding Michael Monaghan's signature on a contract !!!

Good idea though Doug. What can we do to expedite this idea though?

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Due to the club's location in a affleunt/high net worth a large finacial services organisation would get great exposure eg Bank, mortgage broker, insurance/superannuation company


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Due to the club's location in a affleunt/high net worth a large finacial services organisation would get great exposure eg Bank, mortgage broker, insurance/superannuation company

A lot comes down to repuation, and I think this was the adverse selling peice Geoff. The brand should have been painted in a much more "holy" manner if you get me meaning.


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I was reading over the weekend that Carlton has a new PResident in Dick Pratt of Visy Board money. IT will be interesting to see how that relationship evolves in the next few years given that Carlton are essentially the Manly equivalent of the AFL.

I wonder if Bonds wouldn't be a possibility for Manly. Rugby League is the workiung person's game and Bonds seels to that demographic. Then of course there is the tie-in with their major model and spokesperson being Sarah Murdoch the most prominent (and impressive) of the Eagles Angels.


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Delmege is part owner and part of the deal is his sponsorship. Is there room under the roof for another major sponsor?


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Paul Cummings said to me that if Nab came on board, Max had mentioned he is willing to step aside.


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From what I understand Delmege would step aside.

It would be great if a new major sponsor would come on board. I can't believe they can't get one......yet.


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BRING BACK PEPSI - or of we are on bad terms with them, make it Coca Cola !!! Hehehehe


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Given the battering that P&O are taking over the Brimble killing they may want to revisit their sponsorship of the early 1990s.

Providing the players behaved themselves of course..........


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Maybe another insurance company like FAI
If they're like FAI then they're bankrupt, so I'd be asking for the money up front.

If there is the QBE Swans then the NAB Eagles has a good ring to it..........

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