Potential Loss of Our Major Sponsor

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I don't like any form of sponsorship on club merchandise. Then again I live in the dreamy Teal world on the Northern Beaches where the elected politicians believe they can affect 'climate change' in the world!
Always find it interesting that the most commercialised country in the world, the US, don’t have any sponsorship on the uniforms of any of their major sports. NFL, NBA, MBL, NHL…no sponsors on any of their uniforms.


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Lottoland.....Pointsbet front and centre......

It's not woke or lefty-justice-warrior to want the footy to be about the footy.

These gambling outlets literally cannibalise the sport's supporters after throwing relative pennies into the sponsorship collection-plate - ROI is off the charts. Some of them can even afford Shaq to peddle their goods! Yikes!

As of October 2022, Shaquille O'Neal now has an estimated net worth of $400 million, according to “Celebrity Net Worth.” His investments reportedly bring him in an additional $60 million per year.

You think Shaq is doing all that coz of his 'love of betting?' The profts are off-tap if they have that big unit peddling their wares - Shaq's legacy is sealed, he doesn't need the money...unless it's insane coin (or he just has a thing for 'our Paige')..

And yes, this might not affect you, it might be water off your feathery sea-eagle back. And if it is, then I congratulate you.

But having witnessed 1st-hand the destruction of this addiction (and a penultimate, irreversible outcome) - and sincerely not to gaslight anyone - these betting/gambling industries meticuolously research the most insidious ways to hook the vulnerable with their marketing, and they execute with precision. Whilst their chummy, bogan adds may seem innane, they are meticulously crafted to normalise sports-betting as 'typical Aussie Punter' behaviour. With a spokesman like Joel (Coke) Caine as a credible NRL insider, it adds to the idea of betting being ingrained in the DNA of the NRL. Maybe it is... Regardless I don't want our Eagles used as a prop in a nasty and vindictive industry that literally eats it's young.

Nothing wrong with having a modest bet on a game, but for those whom it IS a problem, it is presenting them with a choice: Watch the game you love infested with a disease you can't control, or turn it off permenantly to quell urges.

Gambling addicts make amazing fans too, and I applaud any effort and exorcise the gambling demons from an enjoyable spectator experience. Pepsi was not ideal (and the Brett Stewart/Coke sponsorship is about the best post of the week :) @Spartan Eagle )

I would admire our club for backing themselves to win sponsorship on their performance and brand - the Melbourne game is a great start.
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I played for Brothers in the early nineties, might have played each other!
Sorry mate, late 70's and all of 80's. I'm a Dinasaur.

Reckon the best game ever was against Berowra when all the bikies sat on the hill behind the northern goal posts. Game started, knock on, scrum, all in brawl. 4 sent off. Half time the ref who was a Policeman needed an escort of the field. 2nd half never started because we were brawling in the change rooms. When tries were scored the bikies were pelting beer bottles at us.

Funny isn't it we remember those games. Similar to Manly / Newtown, the battle of Brookie against Melb. Saw all of them! Don't really care about the look, the political agenda view. But gezz they were all great games that will never be forgotten. Been to a number of legends of league events and all the greats still reckon Manly / Newtown was the best game ever.


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Geez if a sponsor on a shirt makes you want to go and put a bet you've got bigger problems.

If you think it doesn’t why do you suppose they pay a million bucks to put it there?

Brand recognition and brand choice to the already converted in a competitive market.

An example is cigarette advertising/sponsorship. I recall when they were removing cig sponsorship from F1 an argument for keeping it went something like it wasn't an inducement to smoke but an inducement to change brands.

Growing up supporting the Marlboro McLarens and Brock Marlboro Torana/Commodores as the only non smoker in a family of Marlboro smokers (previously B&H), this defence resonated with me at the time.

I'm no punter and sponsorship doesn't entice me to start. As far as whether seeing advertising encourages someone to put a bet on or change to a particular betting brand I guess is best answered by a punter or someone so inclined.

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