Possible Centre prospects?

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Over at MSE i have voiced my opinion a million times in saying that Matai is by far the worst Centre in the game, but i am told time and time again that:
"He has only played one season, he be good with a season under his belt" :~? Did Gasnier, Bell etc. play as bad as he did in their 1st season??
"He is very young, and already has played for NZ" :roll: Yeh the 2nds which Covell played in..

So who is our answer at Centre? We wont make the top 6 with Matai IMO, imagine if he was marking Graham last night!!

Wes Tillot played for Souths and i have seen his name thrown around in the "Worst Souths players ever" Team.

James Mortimer needs to bulk up.

I think Sean Meaney should be considered for 1st Grade on the wing, with Hicks in the Centres.
Meaney is quick, agile and a great defender. I was also impressed by his ability to bring the ball back on kick returns with intensity and power (something that Stewart is lacking)


Journey Man
Agreed that Matai is a liability to the side.

Apparently the Warriors are shopping Tony Martin around. Too bad it's not Toopi.


Journey Man
A bit pricey at $200,000 though.

At least he has experience playing with Bell and Orford. A one year deal with the Warriors paying half the contract would hit the spot!


Journey Man
i wouldnt be dissapointed seeing meaney get a run. He has a tremendous ability to read the game, needs a little more size to play centre but is going well on the wing so far this year
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13 7 6 -34 16
13 6 6 27 15
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14 7 7 -26 14
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