[poll] Replacement Fullback Hicks or Robertson

Replacement Fullback, who would you prefer Hicks or Robertson

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Has Robertson filled Stewart boots adequately over the last few weeks.

imo Hicks did a better job when he played in that position earlier in the season, what do you think?
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Some people are forgetting how demanding it is to play fullback, especially positionally, if you are customarily a winger. Robbo made a few mistakes against a team putting us under pressure. Hicks did similarly when replacing BS earlier on.

Robbo saved tries with good defence, took a couple of pressure bombs, he fielded kicks well and came into the line well. At one point he got out of the in goal in impressive fashion.

He missed one kick badly that led to a try and was slow to get to another. Hardly the poor game as expressed by some.
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He didn't provide me with any sense of confidence in defence or covering kicks in genernal play over the 2 weeks. It shows we don't have a decent back up fullback, maybe Mark Lennon would have been a better option as he is well versed in fullback play.
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Sorry Lenno isn't an option imo. Top bloke but not NRL standard Meaney may do OK though. I've been impressed with his performances. But Hicks is certainly the best option.
dont forget marking up on the Parra wingers who are arguably there best players in attack is also an issue, Mayby Des thought leaving Hicks on the wing to mark Grothe was also a key issue???

mayby im reading more into it, but just a thought.

but yeah i sat right behind that first try, was a regulation clean up for a regular full back


Kim Jong Dan
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Hick is the better of two poor options
Winging it
I was stunned by the selection after the Panthers game. Hicks should have been there. I don't like to put down any toiler in our team but Robbo has played 19 games and scored 5 tries this year, 3 of them against the bunnies. He is safe but unspectacular on the wing and a liability at the back. This is one of those 'captain obvious' polls.
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Is Lennon PL? Surely he couldn't go any worse than Robertson has in recent weeks and it saves us from weakening one position to strengthen another.
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MB this is a Captain Obvious Poll. Which may also show why Dessie maybe better served as a teacher ;)
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Hicks at wing, PL at back, Robertson on the other wing. Stephenson back to PL. If you're leving you've obviously left already, BK the exception.

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