[poll] Orford coming to Manly

Do you think Orford is coming to Manly?

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Kim Jong Dan
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no...because we talked about him on the forums. and apparantly thats why tahu didnt come last year!


Reserve Grader
I really think he'll stay at the Storm for 1 more year and then go to the Gold Coast. All the Monaghan whinging and moaning would turn anybody off - that whole saga was poorly handled by all and in my mind the main reason he has not yet signed. Max should stay of the team management and selections!


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I think yes because he was on a plane to sydney. Surely he's not silly enough to join Souths?


Kim Jong Dan
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Dude I am sure souths can up their offer now they have lost alltheir other signings. The bloke could command huge money from them...thats not silly thats a sound financial plan.

Play soft footy with a soft team and still look better than all of them and get paid double any other player

The Wheel

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Look at Channel 10 news 2nite and see if Tony peters has any inklings.


Kim Jong Dan
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no, they had offers from the Roosters!.

If I had an offer from the Roosters and one from Souths I would head to the Roosters.

Orford has the following to choose from
Manly: Screwed him over once and not offering the same amount as others
Melbourne: he has been looking to leave them for the last 2 years and now cant offer him as much as Manly
Souths: Crap team but offering a very decent retirment fund there


I am confident that it will be between us and pommie land....
I did hear he was in the bag until this whole Monas thing got out of hand! I'm not going to diss Monas for it because the press looks to have twisted alot of his statements (making them hard to believe) but the situation could've been handled alot better by his manager and maybe one Manly offical jumping the gun.

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You would love to know what happened behind the scenes wouldn't you? Hard to know which way this will go. I am desperate as I reckon it is the only way we have a hope of being a contender in the next few seasons!


UFO Hunter
Byso, I read in an article that he would notify souths of his decision on tuesday. That could be the reason for his trip to sydney.
didnt we have a poll like this in the middle of that fiasco a while ago asking people who they would rather have in the number 7 jersey followed by some serious gloating re the results which favoured a certian candidate 80/20.as the old saying goes -never wish too hard,you might get what you wish for.and if matty doesnt sign we are certian to get a real biiiiiggggggg sloooooooow dose of it.and for that vast anonymous 80%-enjoy the ride.........

who are you.......come out come out wherever you are........yoohoo....where are you.........wwwhhhheeerrreee aaarrrrreeeee yyyyoooouuuuuuuu.........................

and the answer i hear."but we really wanted both,we really did.we never said matty couldnt play.matty is a great player,he really is.monas would be great at hooker.please matty,pleeeaaaassssseeeee!!!!!!

and if you think im gloating now.well,you are dead ****ing wrong.im angry !if we dont get a new half you apologists for mediocrity deserve him for that media and banaghan driven crap that dragged max out of his cave.you deserve him.......too bad the mighty sea eagle club doesnt.


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Well lucky for you chaps Monas form slumped significantly since round 10. Remember we lost bugger all games when the debate started and you were guilty of not giving Monas credit for the good start to the season.

Sue & Matabele it's very difficult to take people serious who simply CANNOT give credit were its due. Therefore this is why we all poo pooed your views on Monas at the time.

The only thing you can gloat about is having nostradamis like visions because most thinking people couldn't see the form slump and monasgate which has currently happened.

Surely you don’t think Monas was re-signed because of people reactions on forums??????? (please answer that btw)

I think the press had allot to do with it by constantly pressuring stupid comments out of CUMMINGS and MONAS. This therefore had to be extinguished by max! If Cummings said nothing this may haven’t of happened!


Journey Man
Around about Round 10 I described Monas as a flat track bully and said we'd see how he'd fare against quality opposition.

That question has been answered emphatically.

He's a failure in elite company.


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In all due respects mata "flat track bully" is a silly term, even wrong sport!

He's just out of form champ and our front row has been ordinary.

Do you think the forwards have dropped in form? whens the last time you've seen a line break. or even 3 players running onto the ball when a grubber is on.........Correct not since about round 10.

The team was running real well up untill then. Now its been dismantled.


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i thought everyone sprooked his leadership as his greatest quality......... huh leadership he couldnt run a greasy pole up a cows ass at the moment or before....any way keep defending because you guys have got your wish and 3yrs with monas........ wooohoo


Journey Man
Flat track bully doesnt fit since we have lost to souths and the panthers yet beaten the roosters. Thats just shows a drop in form.

If you want to describe a flat track bully as someone who can win a game from no where then johns is the only half back in the comp who isnt.

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