[poll] Manly supporters, what does it take to be one?

Manly supporters, what does it take to be one?

  • Are you a Manly supporter if you agree with Manly admins disappointment in Hoppa by sacking him and

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  • Are you only a Manly supporter if you back a player to the hilt who is in the spotlight? But disagre

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  • Are you a Manly supporter by simply caring about the clubs prosperity without letting player persona

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  • Is it possible to have a mix of all depending on how you feel about the controversial topic. As ther

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There have been many varying views toward supporters who have aired disappointment in Hoppa. Intern others who don't agree with the clubs stance in sacking him.

So Manly supporters, what does it take to be one?
yeah but what makes you a "True" supporter?

Honestly this absolute bull**** of "your not a supporter"

If being a supporter means I have to wedge my head up my arse and look for daylight in everything because of it, then no i am not a ****ing supporter.

What i do know is I go to just about every home game and some away for brooky, I went to all the trials bar the one against wynnym.
I by merchandise for my dad and sometimes myself
I put in countless hours to create a manly website for supporters and do it for free when had I created this for another person it would have cost them a lot.

People are so caught up in their beliefs that they dont realise that others have beliefs too, and no one can judge whether they are right or wrong.

In particular I finid it ammusing when people come in here and spout their christianity and crap like that and in the same post or day they turn around and judge us and our beliefs, read your 10 commandments fellas.....

As for Supporter. I dont know all I know is I love to watch footy, I love to watch Manly play Footy and I love to see them win.
I have put in at least 1 - 2 hours a day on this site sinc eits conception in June last year.

But some might say I am not a TRUE supporter. To those I say. "Ok champ, whats it like in fairy land" FREAKS
We all have a love for Manly and want to see them succeed. That doesn't mean we are going to agree with everything the club does. When Fatty left to go to Easts is an example. Despite everything we continue with our support in all different ways.

I have a friend who was a bulldogs supporter. Blue and white absolutely everywhere in her life. But she turned her back on them the day they joined Super League and never barracked for them again.

At least we still have a Manly club playing in maroon & white and called the Sea Eagles. That wasn't a guaranteed thing not so long ago so we can all be thankful.
Byso I wonder if some people have a life outside of Manly RLFC
This "true supporter" nonsense gets on my goat too. It's the Manly equivalent on "UnAustralian". Red neck pap.
I am just sick of us having to play the defensive line its ****en sickening.

We friggin support manly and love watching them and collowing them. This isnt a friggin competition to see who likes a team more.
For **** sake how childish.
We have a good site here with varied and oposing opinions and just because other frigging sheep want to line up behind each other with their ideals and not face anyone elses doesnt mean that we are any less.

For **** sake the attidudes I have seen expressed about matabele and others are just ridiculous, ill informed and lacking common sense,

Some people need to have a long hard look at them selves
Just ignore them. The Hopoate thing is over and the events that have transpired have resoundingly endorsed our position.

You will not get these people to see that. You waste your time trying to do it.

Just rest secure in the knowledge that you've been vindicated.

Opinions will not change.

As I always said Hopa is a top footy player and I liked his passion. But bad technique let him down.
stinging for the game this weekend. Go you farking eagles
yeah i cant wait either mate

dont have to drive after and wont be so hungover - hence i will be even more turpsed up.

As for the true supporter stuff. I dont really let it get to me personally but i dont like the personal attacks on the others. I have stuck up for non AE people on other sites too, because they were expressing their opinions.

All i hope for is an incedent free year from now on and many good wins.
What if... just maybe... you could be a manly supporter because you go to bed with all the players on your mind. Dreaming for yet another one of their birthdays so that upon that day, you can shout out loud on any message board on the internet:


ps, we know he head but your elbow.... we believe you.
Silly stuff. Some of the crap put on all forums re the former Manly player is bizarre.

Time to move on and 'support' Manly any way you like.
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