[poll] Hoppa's Tackle?????

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What is your opinion on Hoppa's Tackle?

  • A big hit mistimed and gone wrong?

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  • Reckless?

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  • Deliberate and Disgraceful

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  • Nothing wrong with it - totally legal

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[poll] Hoppa's Tackle?????

I don't know what he was thinking maybe he was just comitted to the hit becasue he was lining him up for a big hit but Galloway saw that and offloaded and Hoppa tried to pull out, I don't know what we're going to do with Hoppa this time, I would like to know what the Eagles management says about this one, who knows we could of made 50+ and kept the Sharks scoreless if he wasn't sent off.
[poll] Hoppa's Tackle?????

What a shame. But if everyone tackled like that the game will change from NRL to NFL. He should send that tape to the USA.

He's been tackling like that for ages. He just throws his whole body in the tackle. Simply a bad technique which dessie should have stopped him doing ages ago. This sorta result was bound to happen.
[poll] Hoppa's Tackle?????

I cant believe 2 people reakon he went deliberatly at the guys head with his elbow
[poll] Hoppa's Tackle?????

He left the ground and hit a guy about 10 inches taller than him. What was he trying to hit if it wasn't the head?
[poll] Hoppa's Tackle?????

Get above the head and have the hip hit his opponants shoulder - this would have been the most effective place for impact.
[poll] Hoppa's Tackle?????

I don't think he diliberatly went for the head. Although he still made very heavy contact. I massive blunder but should still be punished for the tackle. Just not as diliberate as some will say, but still sickening.
[poll] Hoppa's Tackle?????

Im thinking Hoppa wanted to put a big hit on (I actually saw the lead up to the tackle and it looked like he was trying to put a hit on), especially on Galloway as he was the tallest player on the field. We were up 24 - 0 and the ball was deep in the Sharks half so he might have been looking to force an error so we could get try number 5. Unfortunately his tackle went horribly wrong, it would have been good if he just raised the forearm as thats probably why he injured Galloway in the first place.

In my verdict the outcome of the tackle was unintentional, I don't think Hoppa was aware that his forearm was going for Galloway's head but Hoppa should be punished for the tackle and also depending on the damage that has been done to Galloway.
[poll] Hoppa's Tackle?????

i think part of it as well was that he jumped higher than he intended
[poll] Hoppa's Tackle?????

He shouldn't have jumped at all. He would have pulled off one of the biggest hits ever. But hindsight is a wonderful thing. Hoppa you goose!

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