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Has anybody else looked at a post today and thought gee that sounds a bit harsh only to look and see that they posted it themselves. Still I will stand by my posts in the cold light of sobriety.


Kim Jong Dan
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was calming down as have ben too busy today but that ****ing idiot barks trying to make excuses for soft prop just fired me up again


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did not watch the game so I am not as angry as some. If I wasted 80 mins of my life watching the debacle I would be in more of a mood.

I have only missed watching a few games in the last few seasons and thankfully I missed this one and the Panthers flogging last season.

When I heard the final score I could only laugh and think what the forums must be like.


Journey Man
ive calmed down a lot now, but know that i will be fuming again this afternoon when Des names Just alberts as a change


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Its me i've had a sledge hammer named "nightmare on FOX" beat me senseless on sunday.

Loses like that are totally unacceptable and the whole club has get serious issues.
ive calmed down a lot now, but know that i will be fuming again this afternoon when Des names Just alberts as a change

I think you may be right Fluff, Des may want to let the players redeem themselves for the dismal effort (please let us be wrong) look for Hill & Randall to come back in if fit as well

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It will take Brookie Redemption on Saturday night to calm this black duck. I copped absolute heaps yesterday and the few other manly supporters here were hanging their heads in shame.


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I was well into the calming process yesterday afternoon..

Then the old man comes home and simply says "So...I was reading the SMH this morning and you'd never guess how Manly went"..

Salt into the wounds. At least the g/f has stopped patronising..


Winging it
I let a full 24 hours go by to see how I felt about it. Well I haven't got over it at all. The sight of them all behind the goalposts without any fire was too much. I am going to give a few more days but unlike some others on MSE (this was the only site I could get to as I couldn't get Silvertails to work) I just don't feel in the forgiving mood AT ALL. I am currently questioning the level of support and time investment I will make with the club in the future.


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Ditto Byso. Now that I have seen the team named for Saturday I am possibly more pissed off then I was yesterday.

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