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Player ratings

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by lillchip, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. lillchip

    lillchip Active Member

    +159 /36
    Tom Trbojevic: In everything. Safe as houses. Dangerous with every touch. 9.5/10
    Jorge Taufua: Must received a massive rocket - instead of the lazy disappearance thing never stopped working making 18 big hit ups for 159 metres. Brilliant. 9/10
    Lewis Brown: Doing his bit as a utility player - but seriously we must have someone else who can play centre? Is Tony Satini that bad? 5/10
    Brayden Wiliame: Not a first grade centre at this point but tried hard 15 runs for 131 metres. 7/10
    Matthew Wright: Ditto Wiliame. Injured for 2nd half. 4/10.
    Jamie Lyon: Way more effective at 5/8, though like most of the team a bit missing in 2nd half. 7/10
    DCE: Some excellent things there, but didn't take control of the last 20 mins to ensure the win when it was needed. But heh a left footed field goal in the slush is not too bad! 7/10
    Darcy Lussick: Must have got double the size rocket of of Jorge. A revelation "in recent times" as Warren Smith would say. 15 runs for 158 metres. Astonishingly the same metres from the Burgess twins combined. Wow. 9/10
    Api Koroisau: 1 run for 15 metres. Why? Surely we need a dangerous attacking dummy half. The no look pass in last 15 could have been a lethal blow too. On plus side never stopped working in defence with 43 tackles. 6/10
    Martin Taupau: 40 mins seems a very low game time number. Not sure what the obsession is with playing him at prop. Nonetheless effective when on the field 12 runs for 115 metres. Just seems wasted though. 6/10
    Nathan Green: Not a bad player, but is he an 80 min staple of the team when Taupau could be playing that role? 6/10
    Jamie Buhrer: Always there, always working. 12 runs for 142 metres and 33 tackles i another 80 min effort. 8/10
    Jake Trbojevic: 19 runs for 190 metres and 34 tackles. But even better the absolute heart of this team with his guts, spirit and last man to fall over attitude. 9.5/10

    Blake Leary: 25 min run late in the game. Nothing bad, nothing amazing. 5/10
    Josh Starling: 2 howling errors could have been lethal doses but otherwise worked hard. 6/10
    Nate Myles: 19 important tackles in 30 late mins of largely unnoticed action. 6/10
    Siosaia Vave: 25 mins only. Isn't that odd for a guy who bends the line backwards? 6/10

    SUMMARY: Surely Addin F-Blake needs to be in the 17, and another youngster if we can find one. Is Liam Knight up to it? Can't get Dylan Walker back fast enough since we've literally won 3 games with no centres.

    NEXT: Knights at home and crumbling Parra away. Massive opportunity to turn this run into 5 consecutive wins and sneak through the top 8 back door.
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    • Sea Eagle 4 Life

      Sea Eagle 4 Life Well-Known Member

      +641 /14
      Your top 3 of Tom T, Jake & Darcy were spot on. Hard to argue with any other ratings.
    • bazeagle

      bazeagle Well-Known Member

      +595 /108
      Great summary and analysis. Jamie should be MOM for calling it like it is to the refs. Perenara is so useless. Looks like a scared rabbit in the headlights to me. And refs like it.
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