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PL Report


Journey Man
Nov 12, 2004
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For those that couldnt squeeze into brookie yesterday here is a quick run down on the second half.

I arrived right on half time to here the bunnies score a few second before the hooter to make it 22 -14.

In the second half we outplayed them with defence missing from both sides. Again we were poor out wide, as with parra a couple of weeks ago. And with Cuthbo, Styles, Stewart and Ballin in the middle we were pretty tight. Ballin was good but not fantastic, nothing to fault. Cuthbo again set the standard and was damaging as a running second rower. His offloads created some good second phase play and his try from his own grubber was all the better after witt threw him a pass with nothing on. Glenn Stewart was everywhere and scored a ripper in the corner, why he hasnt replaced willo in the top grade, even for a bit more experience is beyond me. Witt, well the old nickname was used on many occasions, one kick restart out on the full, a general play kick from inside our half out on the full and a couple of passes 10m behond the attacking line. His kicking at 5/8 wasnt great either, considering he missed a sitter 10m to the good side of the posts. Rob Toshak had a good half in attack, lenno was solid, im pretty sure meaney was injured. Sione Alphabet was beaten laterally at least once very easily and until he fixes that he will struggle to crack the top grade. Tutt put on one huge hit midway through the second half that was worthy of the highlights real.

Jatz Crackers

Staff member
Nov 5, 2005
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Thanks Fluffy. Im hoping Sione steps up soon. We need another PL forward to press for a spot. Also good to hear about Cuthbo.


Journey Man
Jul 16, 2004
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It's a shame Cuthbo was forced to play prop in his only performances in 1st grade. I believe it painted an incorrect picture of his ability.

The Wheel

Premium Member
Jul 15, 2004
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Aaaron groome got the players award in Flegg while Trembath & Offendale also got points - sounds as though those 3 are our best hope coming throgh from that squad.

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