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UFO Hunter
Wishful thinking tookey... wishful thinking.

We all wish the site will end up like that but the truth is its just a clone of OEE.

As for the junior development, all good ideas.


Journey Man
I agree.

Now that the club has this fantastic website they should put some meaningful informaiton on it such as telling the fans what they are doing about increasing our depth (other than signing Robertson and Rose) and what they are doing about junior development in the area.

I suspect that they don't inform us of these things because they aren't doing anything.

It would be intesting to know why players like Heslop left manly. Whether it was for more money, a better club set up etc.
What they should have is a form or contact area where people who have seen some talent out in the regions can automatically contct the club and know that the information is going to get through to the recruitment area.


And once the information gets through then the club has to act on it and provide a response. The club is accountable to the fans and sponsors and we need to have confidence that they are doing everything possible to win us a premiership. Supply of information is crucial for us to know what they are doing.

It seems that a lot of other clubs are putting tremendous effort into junior recruitment and manly appears to be laging behind.

Maybe 2006 they will surpise us with some good lower grade signings and prove us wrong. We can only hope because it is time for Crusher and his network of talent scouts to start delivering us a bagful of talent.


Journey Man
It's like everyone says though fellas - The Northern Beaches are predominantly a Rugby Union type area. That just isn't going to change due to its specific demographic.

There IS a phone number guys for you all to phone if you see a talented player out there with potential:-

9970 3000 or 0433 404 989
Speak personally to Dave Warwick. That way you don't have to go to Zorba & co. and you may have a better experience at attaining a reply.

Daniel - can we make this name & number a permanent fixture of the site?

Look - the way you tried to notify the club about those two players, who were subsequently snapped up by Arthur Beatson is disgraceful.

If the club can't find the talent themselves - lets give them a hand.

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