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Journey Man
To all Football Club Members, I would like to once again apologise for the continuing delays with the distribution of your membership packs.

We had hoped to send out the membership packs in the week leading into the Sharks game. Unfortunately, we were unable to do so because we are still waiting on the membership cards. As I have previously explained, these have been delayed because there was a problem with the artwork. The cards are due to arrive next week.

Of course, you may ask why wasn't the artwork and production done months ago to avoid any risk of such delays.

The answer to that is the Club has undergone so much change and improvement over the last 12 months (eg privatisation, new Board, professional training and admin facilities at Narrabeen etc) and over the off season, the Club has been addressing another important area, improving the quality and consistency our marketing and brand communication.

The result of this work is much improved quality and professionalism in the visual outputs now being produced by the Club (from posters, press ads, flyers and corporate stationery right through to signage systems at Brookvale Oval). This has been achieved through the adoption by the Club in February of a well considered, consistent "look and feel" for all brand communications. Some of you may already recognise the changes from some of the recent visual outputs of the Club.

With the Membership Card being such an important item coming from the Club to the Members, it was obviously important for the 2005 membership card to bear the new "look", hence the design of the card could not be done until the look itself was established.

Furthermore, we wanted to drastically improve the quality of the Membership Card, making it something fans would be proud to carry in their wallets and keep long after the season is over. In the past, Football Club membership cards have been nothing more than a laminated piece of cardboard. This year's Membership Card will be a collectable, plastic credit card style card, individually personalised for each member with your name, membership number and years of membership.

We are as disappointed as you are that all of the above was not completed in time to allow the timely delivery of your membership packs, but we are confident that when you receive the finished product, you will be satisfied it was worth the wait.


Philip Dean
General Manager - Sales & Marketing
Manly Sea Eagles

PS Please Note: the Members' Caps are also still in production overseas (over 10 week lead time) and will not be sent with the rest of your membership pack next week. They will be sent as soon as they arrive.


Journey Man
Having gone through a "re-branding process" myself I have to say that he's achieved miracles to get that done in a few short months (especially with Christmas in there). There is far more to it than meets the eye and graphic designers are notoriously sensitive to being chivvied up.

Secondly, I'm all for a more professional look for the cards and the club. It sounds like we've moved from the dark ages to modernity in one very easy step!

I'm sure all reasonable fans can accept the reasons for the delay and will have every confidence that the packs will be delivered on time next year - given that he'll have far more time up his sleeve and seems very well organised.

Finally, note his dedication to the club - working on the Public Holiday. I'll bet he's not getting paid overtime.

:clap: :clap: :clap:


Journey Man
Deja moo

the feeling ive heard this bull**** before

lol, kidding, just read it on ME.

Good work Phillip.


Winging it
I have given this some thought and it is a tad ugly. As a "reasonable fan" I can "accept the reasons for the delay". Ok. But that doesn't mean that I have to accept the way this has been handled.

Why does it take a running post on here, a post on OEE and finally the last person to say boo to the club on ME, monasmandy, to get a response? I understand that Philip Dean is a progressive person and doing good things. Ok- I will accept that. As for his response, I could have written this before he did and given it to him to publish 4 weeks ago. Straight out of the marketing textbooks targeting valued customers to new "brand communications". Save me the corporate-speak, I get it from everywhere. Surprise - I expected the membership card to be more than a piece of cardboard.

I bought a new polo top a week ago at the club and I will buy a new cap on Sunday because who knows when the one promised to me will arrive. I would have spent more on being a club member and I support our club. No big deal. It still doesn't mean I have to be impressed with the same crap I get from every other organisation who has no idea about keeping people informed or delivering on promises.


Reserve Grader
It's nice to finally get an "official " apology. Interesting to hear that the members caps are still in production ( overseas ) ???? I hope there are no spelling mistakes ! I can just envisage 2000 caps returning to Club Headquarters with the word "MANLI " emblazoned on them.

With the club looking to the future , I wonder if there are any plans of returning the old scoreboard to replace the $40,000.00 board that is currently at the ground . I've stood on the hill in fine weather & dull weather & I find it almost impossible to read & my eyes are in good condition.


Journey Man
Interesting thoughts MB. I'm prepared to accept the apology and give the benefit of the doubt. IF the same thing were to happen next year it might be a different story.

I can live with extenuating circumstances this year - though communication a little earlier might have been helpful.


Journey Man
i think its closer to 3000 members now - at the game they announced they were hoping to crack it soon

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