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Reading over at the Parramatta Forums this is what Sharp's role is at Parramatta apparently:

<span style='color:purple'>[i:77c28733c2]"Sharpy is mainly here to alleviate the work from Smithy somewhat and to improve coach-player relations."[/i:77c28733c2]</span>

How do you think he'll go?
Sharp seemed like a good bloke, so he should go alright just as long as he doesn't try to coach.
Sharp. The man who is most comonly known as the Northern Eagles Players scapegoat. Who lost the games?

I bet not a bad word was said about him from certain people when he was coach. I bet all he recieved was praise when we nearly made the finals series for the only time in years.

I think he did a good job. I think he was used as an excuse for a failing club which still fails to perform a year after his dismissal.

He will be good for any team.
Actually Sharpy didn't do too bad the first year back after the merge when we almost made the finals. I think he didn't have the full support of management at any stage during his tenure. Lets face he would have to be better than Smithy.
<!--QuoteBegin-The Wheel+Feb 2 2005, 09:30 AM</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>[b:4ceaeaec12]QUOTE[/b:4ceaeaec12] (The Wheel @ Feb 2 2005, 09:30 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin Actually Sharpy didn't do too bad the first year back after the merge when we almost made the finals. I think he didn't have the full support of management at any stage during his tenure. Lets face he would have to be better than Smithy. [/blockquote]
I think the same way!...But he has better players to work with than the darl old days at Brookvale!
G'day Phantom hows your shoulder?

Yeah I agee that he'll do better than Smithy.

But I also think Dessie is better!
Come on, Brian " i've got nothing to work with " Smith, would have got Noddy,Shreck and Co. to the finals.
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Dead right.

I guess time makes some peoples memories get that little bit fonder. Not mine though! :ph34r:
Peter Sharp- "We are a young side"
- "We didn't turn up to play today"

All he did was pull out the same excuses week after week.
I watched the same side get run out thrashing after thrashing last season and nothing came of it. Des Was doing a great job.... apparently. <_<
I see some fans are still protecting the pea hearts that wore the jerseys.The whole club was involved in the dismal performances but in my eyes management and the players must share the most responsibility.
Management for not offering the support to the coach and the players for having nil guilt when accepting their pay packets.
From what I know Sharp was given a budget for coaching. He chose do it virtually alone.

Dessie on the other hand took a pay cut so he could get a coaching team together he felt he needed to do the job.

This in itself is a reason why Dessie seams so popular with the club. He made sacrifices for the good of the club!
But how popular is he amongst the players? Apparently he is said to be "untouchable & unnapproachable" by some,not all.
mmm thats the first i've heard of that. So tell us more.

I'm sure there'll be some that wont like his methods or as a person. You cant please everyone.
The story was around last year after 5 losses on the trot and in the middle of the Hoppa drama.And it didn't come from Rebecca Wilson.It was in the Tele however.And no,I like some of Des's methods.
It seems his "headmaster" attitude doesn't sit well with some of the squad.Rather like Ryan,Smith,Jones,if you get my drift.
Des was a school teacher so maybe some of that shows. Des sets incredibly high standards, for himself and others - particularly in the area of fitness. This is something I can live with. Des was not dumped last year as it was his first year at the helm and the players were obviously disappointing in the first half of the season. No amount of goodwill will mean much if the results don't start to appear this year.

Sharpie had 5 years and his best performance was 9th. The disgraceful loss to Penrith at Brookie in the last round of that year to miss the finals was one of the biggest low points I can remember (an ugly, ugly day on the hill). He just didn't have the players focussed for the game that mattered (and I won't go in to his half time effort). All ancient history now, and maybe he didn't get every bit of support he felt was his due, but I just can't see how he is blameless. The proof will be if he ever shows any coaching talent anywhere.
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