Penrith are not bigger, faster, stronger ...


Even bigger than this is the whole club does everything the same. You could plug and play and grade player into another and it works.
I'll go one further and say you could even throw a new (and somewhat successful) coach and it would still work. But I wouldn't include Des in that list. Not because he's a bad coach, but because he's not going to be a part of someone else's system.


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Later stages of the year the Panthers struggled without Cleary and Luai. Got done 16-0 by Storm who weren't exactly setting the world on fire. Injuries will play a key roll as it does every year.
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Im going to express and alternative view on this heading. Panthers are stronger and faster for mine. Compared to us anyway. It's the speed the do everything at. Not just line speed but to set up and run the play at. They seem to have greater strength to dominate the wrestle where Jake would give 5 penalties away. Not saying technique isn't a big contributing factor re the wrestle. But comparing us in 22 to the riff in 22 re speed and strength and it's chalk n cheese.


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I reckon they are bigger, faster , stronger, smarter, tougher, more resilient, better coached, far better cohesion, confident, more arrogant, far better structured, more ruthless, hit harder, control the ruck better, superior kicking game.....and more


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Hopes for Des this season:

1. First and foremost. Get the playing group connected on and off the field. Probably would mean enlisting some senior players to look at social events etc. We want them all pulling in the same direction.

2. Chains of command. I hope Des makes the players realise who they are in the scheme of things. No player is bigger than the club itself, they need to do what they are told, and be ornaments both on and off (including social media) the field.

3. The game isn't going back to 2021, or 2008-2011 style. I hope he builds structures and systems to compete with good teams. That means next man up mentality - so he needs to not only adapt his game structures, but PLUG IN to the lower grades, and set expectations of what's required for them to get their shots.

4. I want Des to show / prove to us all that he can still both attract / attain talent in the NRL. I'm not talking fringe players on the leagues worst teams. I mean, I want to see him bring in just one marquee player.

5. I want to see improvement & development. Guys like Koula , Schuster are easy because the talent is already there. I mean in the next tier group. Guys like Harper, Tuipulotu, Paseka and others. It's time for one or more of these guys to explode into the scene with Des guidance.

6. Team selections. One of Des biggest flaws. Don't reward mediocrity. I want to see even good players (including DCE) dropped for poor form. The best teams make those tough calls. Play players in their prefered and known positions. That means no half at hooker. No centre to backrow. No hooker at backrow. No backrower at centre. Etc etc etc.

7. Des needs to address holes in the team. We are coming up to half a decade with him at the helm, and roster wise we are at our worst. Des.picked the wrong horse backing Fainu. Fix it.

8. No more excuses. Des has become adept at making excuses. That's a Peter Sharp thing. Plug into the fanbase. Be connective. This persona Des has is rubbish. It alienates fans and members.

9. Play rookies to inject some passion in the group. I'm thinking Humphreys , Tuitavake, Weekes and others.

10. Stop choosing, picking and allowing plodders into the group. The Fulton, Boyle, Condon, Tuilagi, Bullemor, Croker, Harper, Parker, Tuipulotu types are plodders. This isn't a half-way house for try hards. We want and need winners. If Des can't attract them, get in someone who can.. Jesus , even Barrett could attract damned quality players, and he couldn't even coach ! Apparently getting Liam Martin to the Eels !
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Well, I was going to blame the janitor for our poor coaching ... but said to myself, "bugger it, you've got a pair Woodsie" ... and decided to blame the Coach instead ...
The buck stops at the coach who is on big bucks to get his team up

We were never up to top 8 standards all year and underperformed with the calibre of players we had

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