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Penn refuses to accept Grant Mayer's resignation

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Scott Penn refuses to accept Grant Mayer's resignation

    By Dean Ritchie | February 14, 2009 12:00am

    GRANT Mayer has written a letter resigning as Manly CEO - but it has yet to be formally accepted by Sea Eagles chairman Scott Penn.

    Mayer said yesterday he would quit after this season if it helped the healing process of a club engulfed in conflict.

    It is bizarre to think under-siege Manly won the NRL Grand Final by a record-breaking 40-0 just five months ago.

    Asked why he did not want his contract extended, Mayer said: "Last night was about me making a statement. I had to make a stance.

    "Hopefully the decision I made will bring some sanity back to the Sea Eagles. As Scott said, the board is dysfunctional right now.

    "Me not pursing an extension of my contract might help solve the problems."

    Penn is a strong Mayer supporter and was filthy when the board voted 5-2 against renewing the CEO's contract. But Mayer revealed yesterday: "The chairman hasn't accepted my letter. I have given him my letter. Nine months (until his deal expires) is a long time in rugby league.

    "I love Manly and my preference is to stay and I want to stay.

    "We have achieved a lot of success and I would hate to walk away.

    "But this club needs to remain financially viable. We lack money at the moment. Everyone is doing it tough. But none of the issues we face are insurmountable."

    Manly coach Des Hasler has spoken with senior officials at the club about the Mayer decision.

    Mayer and Hasler have enjoyed a strong working relationship.

    All Hasler said yesterday was: "We need stability."

    Mayer dismissed fears Manly could collapse financially.

    "There are good people here at Manly and that will ensure the club survives," he said. "Our sponsorship, merchandising and membership have never been stronger."

    David Kenney, a spokesman for new major sponsor Quantum, added: "Hopefully this is a storm in a teacup and it will pass. It will be business as usual for us."
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    Has this all been designed to attract media coverage for Quamtum?

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