Paul Gallen

He is a workhorse but most of his contributions are ineffective. It really became clear after he stopped playing for NSW and they improved dramatically... sure he would make 200m and make 50-60 tackles, but he did it so slowly and ineffectively that the opposition were able to handle it easily.
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Gallen also has the most series losses of any NSW captain.....and that includes both Origin and the old interstate series played from 1908-1981.

Look, I agree the guy is a workhorse, he gets through a mountain of work in just about every game he plays be it club or rep football so to play as long as he has at the top level is a bloody good achievement, especially given that he's a middle forward who mostly plays all 80 minutes. The guy is an absolute warrior, no doubt. much of it has been effective work compared to how much has he actually harmed his teams play more than he has helped it when he does things like taking a pointless second hit up on the 4th tackle when there is an overlap out wide and a backline movement in the offering? I lost count of the amount of times he did that in Origin, yet time after time when NSW lost, no one (but the fans) questioned him and he was even labeled "Captain Courageous" by the NSW media.

I can't fault his effort level, I wish I had a work ethic in real life even close to what Gallen has on the field. But I sometimes question his on-field intelligence for someone with his amount of top level experience, especially one who for the best part of the last decade has captained just about every side he's been in other than the Kangaroos. I think that sCam Smith is the most self absorbed, selfish player I have seen in my 37 years watching and following this game, but sometimes I think Gallen runs a very close second.
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He can take over from Gavin Miller as sharks resident legend.

Actually no he can’t, Miller is better
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Nah he goes alright... for the biggest loser in nrl history :) :) :)
Tbh gal is a machine i admire him as a footy player hes tough as nails and fingers crossed he punches hodges lights out 1 day... for all of us ;)

Im glad he won a premiership for the sharks he lost so many origins

Mostly by his own interference, taking pointless hit-ups on the 4th tackle when 10m out.
Oh, and Pearce.
What a combination.
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My father was the head lighting technician on Riptide, and Skippy too.
My friend's sister, a gorgeous diver at the time, also did the underwater nude scenes in movie called Age of Concent, starring Helen Miren and James Mason, and when your you're just sixteen, it's very hard to get those images out of your head, as a matter of fact, I still find it hard today
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Ty Hardin's birth name was Orison Whipple Hungerford Jnr. He was a rolled gold nutter in his later years. I remember Riptide though, a long, long time ago.

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