Parramatta RSL from 2 pm

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Canteen Worker

First Grader
I am wondering if anyone is interested in a pre-game drink at Parramatta RSL prior to the game tomorrow?

I suggest 2.15 ish.

It is close to the ground - Macquarie St, south down O'Connell St from the stadium, past the pool, cross the bridge and on the first right after that. (Just up the road from Centrelink ironically!!!!)

Hope some of you can make it.


Premium Member
Are any Silvertails venturing to Brookvale tomorrow for the PL clash/fixture?

I will not be able make the RSL but hopefully catch some of you within the confines of the ground.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I was going to go tommorrow to PL but I dont think I will be able to. I have an end of season BBQ and drinks at 1 at Collaroy and need to get all my shopping and chores done beforehand

Canteen Worker

First Grader
No Brookie - doesn't help that I live at Parra though I am leaving to go to Narrabeen for Athletics to deliver 200 lunches there -right next to the Manly training facilities!! I hope the Manly boys are out training whilst I am there - I will get and tell King to lift his game!! (I am sure he will appreciate that!!) :lol:

The Wheel
Premium Member
Hopefully see you there at the RSL depending on the supporters bus arriving at an appropriate time and me finding the joint.

I am goign to try and make P/L tomorrow. May do a match report as well.

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