Own up..

not I. When everyone said we were gone at half time i said we would come back, I always had the feeling we would turn the game around
I didn't leave - my brother who likes the Panthers was watching it with me and giving me **** at 26-6 and I said there will be a come back.
I would never walk out of a game before fulltime , no matter what the score was. There was a group of people seated near us on the hill that left at 26 - 6.

I went to Penrith Stadium last year for the history making flogging & we stayed till the death . I've had better nights.
ive never left early. that brookie game i stayed just to boo the players as i was frustrated lol

Never booed any players in my time but that game was horrible. so close to making the 8 was frustrating too...

But to be honest i thought the game was gone.. i always planned to stay but didnt think we would pull it off.
I was about to stop watching on my big tele and start doing uni work and watch the rest of the game on the little tele on my computer screen. But then we started scoring so I didnt move. I then watched the second half again with my family when they came home on the big projector. It was awesome
I only ever left once, it was against the Panthers in 2002. Round 26, you know the game.

My therapist wants to talk to you. I spent 12 months receiving counselling after this loss, I have finally got my life in order & have got past this unfortunate Sunday afternoon afternnon and you have raised it again, :wall:

At 26-6 I thought we were finished. However I never even considered leaving until what I thought would be the bitter end.
I did walk out 1 min after the 97 Grand Final but I even stayed back in 95 and watched the Dogs do their victory lap. 87 and 96 were good memories and the photos taken are pride of place in my album!

Never go early even if we are flogged!
I would've hung around in 95 but had to leave in a hurry.
Not that is any excuse but I was only 18 at the time and very bitter about the result (and very pissed) so I tipped my beer which had just about reached boiling point to some Canterbury supporters on the teir below who were giving it to a family of Manly supporters who were obviously quite upset.
I got out of there pretty quick and then ran into the same group of supporters in Kings Cross that night- thank christ they didn't recognise me!
lol PJ, I did that to a stinky POM after the 2003 world cup but he did not seem to mind!!! probably his first shower in a while :)

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