Overseas Sporting Events - What have you been to ??

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With the World Club Challenge & Superbowl matches only days away , I'd be interested to know what overseas sporting events anyone has attended.

I haven't been to any sporting fixtures in Europe , but have been to the following:

L.A Raiders vs Denver Broncos @ L.A Colliseum (NFL)
San Francisco Giants vs L.A Dodgers @ 3 Com Park (Baseball)
Pensacola vs Mobile in Pensacola Florida ( Ice Hockey )

& a personal highlight for me was in 1997 when we were staying a few nights in Las Vegas , we managed to get some tickets for a boxing title fight between Oscar De La Hoya & Hector Camacho at the Thomas & Mack Center , Caesars Palace. The fight went the distance & Butterbean was on the undercard.

Also spent some time in Brazil a few years back & we went past the famous Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro. This stadium amazingly held 199,854 spectators for the 1950 Soccer World Cup Final.

Anyone been to Wembley , Lords , Old Trafford , Wimbledon , any cricket , league tours ??
Sadly the SCG is the best I have done though I did get to see Phoenix Suns play the Atlanta Hawks and the Arizona State University play University of Southern California in American Footy.

I was at the Cathy Freeman night at the Olympics and one of my kids ran with the torch two days before Sydney and was in the closing ceremony!!!
When i was in colorado a few years back there was a world cup half pipe womens event on for boarders. Far more extreme when you are up close.

Ive also seen some ski jumping in finland - those ****ers are crazy

And i was involved in the woodlans football club cristmas party in 2001.
The Vanuatu golf open.

No I'm not making it up, it was on when I was over there and had a look for about an hour, not exactly a thrilling spectator event
In 1992 I went to Sri Lanka and watched the 2nd test and an 1 day international in Colombo.

In 1994 I went to the LA Coliseum to watch the NFL LA Raiders play the Houston Oilers - both teams have since moved cities
I have been to Longchamp (Paris), Ascot (near London) and the Curragh (Ireland) to watch the GGs. All fantastic experiences. Stayed in a B&B right on the track at the Curragh and watched the early morning gallops over a cuppa before walking a few hundred metres to a day of serious punting.
I went to a less than legal club in thailand and saw an interesting sport that involved roosters.

I think I went to the same club in Patpong Rd but they were playing table tennis without the bats
I would never go and see cock fighting (to be honest, I think it's an absolutely disgusting act of cruelty) but hey, I'm not here to argue... I had enough of that when 'discussing' bull fighting with a Spanish friend of mine.

Anyway, what I was going to say was that I am amazed at just how big that whole thing is. We went on a tour in Tahiti and we drove past a huge barn (almost the size of a warehouse). There were hundreds of cars spread out around this building... I was dumbstruck as to how big it is...

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