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These are the things I think are overrated and it pisses me off that they are seen as universally excellent.

Corona Beer - 7 bucks for a beer that tastes half as good as the local drop. O, but you get a boat of lime in the neck, that's impressive.

Cathy Freeman - For some reason her 400 metre gold medal in 2000 has become the quintessential Australian sporting moment. We won 16 gold medals in Sydney, by the way, yet I don't see Simon Fairweather or Michael Diamond (multiple gold medal winner, by the way,) getting international awards. It also annoys me that Cathy lit the Olympic torch in Sydney. She hadn't even won a single gold medal at that point. Why didn't we let Andrew Hoy do it? He's been tearing them up in the Dressage or whatever other equestrian crap that's considered a sport at the Olympics, for 12 years.

Bledisloe Cup - After all, it's just a game of Rugby Union between Australia and New Zealand, by any other name. Why does no one give a rats about Rugby Union, but suddenly the nation stops to watch the bloodyslow's constant stoppages and cowardly violence? It makes no sense to me.

Madonna - She's not overly good looking, I mean, she's pretty, but I can walk down the street for 5 minutes and find a few girls who I'd rate ahead of her. Yeh, she wore skimpy outfits, but so do prostitutes. I also consider her singing talent as average. I suppose she's just a case of the right place at the right time.

Coldplay - Bed wetting music for teeny boppers who have never heard of Radiohead.

Titanic - I think the movie's plot was pretty pathetic and about as cheezy as your average romantic comedy. It didn't even have it's moments of wittyness which would keep me from gagging. The predictability of the script's ending resonated throughout the movie, yes, we knew the ship was going to sink. Yes, we knew Rose and Jack would end up together and then apart once again. Obviously the detail and special effects were impressive, but so what? The acting was poor and the story-line was weak. Give me a low budget film with a bit of savvyness over an overglammed piece of monotony any day.

Australia Day - What is this day? Yeh, some British guys landed in Australia with some convicts. Is this even relevent though? These are the same British people who invaded the country, we've distanced ourselves from their actions for so long, suddenly we are claiming the first fleet's arrival as our national day of celebration? Australia only existed as a country from 1901 onwards, when federation occured. In other words, Australia Day is celebrated on a day that has no relevence to the formation of this country. It's circumstantial that the first fleet arrived on this day. I find it totally annoying that the public has been duped into thinking that this day has been around forever. It's a fairly new concept, it's definitely less than 10 years old, yet the faux-patriotism on this manufactured day of national pride is sickening. No, you can't compare it to American Independence Day nor France's Bastille Day.
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Agree with all points.

Corona's are quality and are best bought in bulk or after six or seven local drops when the weight of your wallet isn't an issue. Or drunk at a party/gathering where they were brought by someone else.
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LOL,1 of your best c

Adding to your list

Paris Hilton

Looks like a skinnier version of a rake,hasn't eaten meat (well,chewed and swallowed :)) for a long,long time it looks like,facial features are uninspiring,yet people still rate her
very highly

I just don't understand it
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1. Does anyone still drink Corona ? It's so 80's.
2. I'm not sure but wasn't she the incumbent world champion at the time. They chose to go with a female theme for the final part of the torch relay into the stadium. Freeman was obviously a political choice to send a reconciliation message to the world. There was definitely more worthy athletes than her.
3. You are an unashamed rugby critic, maybe because you've never played the game or don't understand it. I can assure you that people who enjoy rugby don't see the Bleisloe as overrated.
4. Madonna has done a good job of marketing herself.
5. Coldplay are probably overrated, but so are Radiohead IMO.
6. Have refused to watch this movie for this exact reason. In fact I refuse to watch most Hollywood "blockbusters" because they are just taking the p*ss and the general public lap it up.
7. I don't know what country you grew up in, but I can assure you that Australia Day has been around for well over 10 years, probably over 20 years.
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1. Just about every second collar up has a Corona
2. indeed
3. I have played it and I think it's a very simple sport overcomplicated by the officials and technicalities within the rule book. I definitely understand it, better than most, I just think it's a very poor cousin of rugby league. It's not so much the Bledisloe that is overrated, but the hype is never lived up to. The fact is, no one cares about Rugby Union at any other time during the year and I live in a supposed RU heartland.
4. And?
5. Radiohead couldn't possibly be overrated, for the simple fact that they've inspired a whole genre. Whether or not you like them is a different story but they're innovative nonetheless. People say that Coldplay are innovative, that's bull**** imo.
6. Yup
7. The day itself may be as old as whatever but the celebrations are relatively new. It was never a big deal before, just the day that the OAM's were announced.
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That's interesting about the rugby. Most of the time when I get into arguments about the realtive merits of League vs Union it's generally my mungo mates who have never played the game that write it off carte blanche. They don't seem to grasp the philosophical difference in having 6 goes with the ball as opposed to 1. I normally find that people who have played it generally are more receptive to it's nuances. I guess if you don't like it ... you don't like it. I will agree that club rugby is pretty ordinary, but I do enjoy Super 12 and Tests. Personally I was much happier watching the Lions v All Blacks than the Bulldogs v Storm yesterday. Admittedly I did do a bit of channel surfing between the Wobblies and the Cowboys - Warriors.
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Agree with the Cathy Freeman but think Susie O'Neill (as a current and also two time gold medallist) was more worthy of lighting the torch.

The Bledisloe Cup is overated because it's Johnny come lately. The REAL rivalry in SH rugby is NZ vs South Africa.


Judith Lucy: one of the worst comedian's I have ever heard and I have no idea how she has got as far as she has.
Atleast Today FM woke up to themselves and gave her the arse.
Dr Pepper: WTF are the yanks thinking.
Cocaine: $200-$300 bucks for a high that lasts about 1-3hours (depending on the quality). If you use it enough it will burn a whole in both your nasel passage and your wallet and to boot it's illegal.
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Glamourisation of coke in that movie is something to see.

Not to mention that it has a fine soundtrack.

Nit much of a movie though.
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On australia day

its another day that its ok to be smashed by early arvo - its a great day and completely underated.


Will look into- anything like "The Bad Lieutenant " with Harvey Keitel.
If you want to watch a show that does the opposite with the drugs message watch "Requiem for a Dream"- I went to watch it at the movies and half the cinema walked out before it was finished.
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On australia day

its another day that its ok to be smashed by early arvo - its a great day and completely underated.

Australia Day is officially known as Big Day Out day...A day to go and see some foreign bands.
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Corona is quality, dont drink often though due to the price. Generally stick with the Carlton Draught.

Corona is the easiest beer to drink when backing up from a big night, just goes down so easy.

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