Our season is over


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Last nights perfomance was terrible. We couldn't even beat the useless Rabbits so we are wasting out time in the semis.

Any team needing to win the grand final needs to be building momentum at this time of year not running out of steam as we seem to be.

The players are spending too much time reading about how good they are and think that they only have to turn up to win the grand final. Pity we won't be there.

Des has peaked the team too early and we will not win a game this year. We will repeat last years effort and bow out of the semis with sucessive losses.

The Warriors will smash us next week as a result of the Monday night hoodoo.

We will be sick and sore as a result of this game and be easy meat for the dragons the following week.

No matter who we come up against in the semi's we will be beaten as we are pathetic.

Flegg and PL are both losing every week and won't make the semis. The club is in complete turmoil and their will be massive changes at the end of the year.

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Take a chill pill KF. PL are losing as basically the Flegg team has stepped up to play there as there are about 8 out.

Melbourne are in no better shape than us. We had nothing to lose last night and they had everything to win. We coasted for most of the game and only just lost to a side that got every lucky break and some great asssistance from the Vegemite men.

The semis are a new comp and I think you will see Manly turn up to play. No need for Doom and Gloom.


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KF what's the problem? Just sit back and read the other blogs, get a considered view on the loss last night and relax. We'll beat the warriors and go on to take the premiership.


I think you'll find that the real losers from last night are the ref & the South Sydney club in general, (players, staff & supporters).
All these groups have proved themselves to be morally bankrupt & willing to gloat about two points that you can hardly say they earned. At least when we came up against an opposition that was being rorted & treated like vermin (Penrith), we had the decency to not take advantage of it.
South Sydney & Hampster, you disgust me.


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Here you Go KF ..... ;) [br][img=116x87]../../AE_files/public/1187658456_60_FT168368_raz.jpg[/img]


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At least give him a rusty one so that if he doesnt do it right he still has a chance of dying of something else


I think that KF has a point.

We played well for only about 20 minutes last night and our kicking game was awful. Why go for a field goal just before half time when we should have put it into the in goal and tried for another set of 6?

Too many bombs landed in the in goal instead of just in the field of play. I do have some reservations as to how we handle the pressure of semi final type games.

This week against the wrrriors and the following week against the dragons take on a lot more importanve now to see how we revover form last night. A slip up against either of these teams and we are not looking good.


Do we have a new king of negativity? One loss in 6 or so weeks is running out of steam?

We'll get a better gauge after rd25, when we know the latest form of each team in the finals, and who they play in week 1.

A win and clinical performance against the Dragons is what's in order. To come out of the Souths and Warriors game with minimal injuries whilst working on a few areas of their game is all that's required.
Souths played crap. Apart from the try scored at the end by kicking of the second tackle, they played crap.

They had all the possession and what do they do, swing the ball wide on every play and put a bomb into the ingoal at the end.

I have no doubt that if we play them in the finals, we will put 30 on them.

They have a false sense of worth now, and still need to win there next two matches just to limp into the eight.


we are so ****, I think the nrl should throw us out of the comp ;)

If we don't bend over 5 times a day and pray to the great god Rupert then we may one day be kicked out.

It happened to the bears and Newtown so it can happen to any team.


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God guys! What's going on. Doom and Gloom over one loss. I've lived through heaps of them. We'll go right on with the job and be there on the big day. Whoever we play in the semis at Brookie we'll slaughter. A certainty.
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