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Our position after round 10

Ice Fusion

Nov 12, 2004
After having a look at the draw up to round 10 I've been inspired to put forward the following question. How high up the ladder do you reckon we will be after round 10

Round 3 - The Storm, there are mixed opinions about who will win, IMO it will be a close win but the Storm deserve to be favourites here.

Round 4 - The Bye, don't like it but its a definite 2 points

Round 5 - The Dragons, look to be out of form right now but they'll have 3 rounds to recover and Trent Barrett as well as a few other players should be back for them, Chris Hicks will also be making his comeback in this game at this stage.

Round 6 - The Raiders, found it tough over a weak and inexperienced Newcastle side, we should get the two points here.

Round 7 - The Rabbits, should also grab the 2 points here.

Round 8 - The Broncos, will be tough, no comment at this stage.

Round 9 - The Tigers, inexperienced and lost to a very disjointed Parramatta, I definitely see 2 points for us here.

Round 10 - The Bulldogs, a real test

IMO after 10 rounds I can see us with 12 points including a bye with solid wins over the Raiders, the Rabbits and the Tigers. We also be able to grab a win against at least one of the following sides in the Storm, the Dragons and the Broncos, preferably the Broncos.


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Oct 19, 2004
i think we shall remain unbeaten for the remainder of the season ;)

No... Storm will win. Dragons shall recover by then. Hopefully Brown is sacked after we smash them though.


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Nov 12, 2004
I think after 10 we should be close to top 4 on 14 points.

Things will get tougher from round 8 on.

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