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Our New Media Profile!!! & Matthew Ridge

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by conanu, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. conanu

    conanu Well-Known Member

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    Could you honestly imagine how the press would have gone on and ridiculed the Knights if they announced that they signed Wayne Bennett 5 days after the Dragons won the GF. There would have been war and Gallop would have banned such announcements in future.

    We have zero friends in the Media especially News Limited (Truth). Its no secret that News Ltd dont like Manly and they used to own the Bulldogs also Dean Richie's nickname is Bulldog Richie so you will forgive some of us for not believing anything that comes out of his mouth. The Herald on the other hand has plenty of knobs like Roy Masters and Phil Gould writing for them however they are usually exposing the News Ltd lies just like Jackie Magnay from the Herald did when she exposed the Dogs for all the rorting back in 2002.

    There is a direct correlation between our shockingly bad performances as a Club/Business, marketing and Brand Profile over the past few years even with our success and that I believe had a mega amount to do with Des. Its obvious from the emails released in the Herald that Des wanted to keep every little thing about our club close to his chest. Down to the signing of players just like when we all were worried about Foran re-signing and no announcements came, same as Orford and everyone else. Des hampered all of this so expect all that side of things to change.

    That is why he was smart with Zorba he had him basically as our player welfare officer and that was Des's way of controlling him and I would say Zorba enjoyed doing that kind of role more than the media stuff. Zorba is such a fiercely loyal bloke he must have thought it was fantastic that Des wanted him around the players so much he would have loved that someone that was so closed off emotionally that he respected would want him around to help him in the circle of trust. What a confidence boost would that be. I really feel for Zorba in all this he has been smashed emotionally I would say in the last week. And probably feels a little foolish now that he listened to Des so much, I actually wonder if Zorba was really that bad at his media duties or was Des in his ear telling him what to write and what not to write. Therefore making him look as though he wasn't doing his job properly. I guess we will never know, but as long as Zorba is still behind our club I wont complain about the bloke again at least he is rock solid.

    Have a look at our rubbish media profile we have where most journo's are ready to stick the boot in at every turn. Des had them that way with his umming and aaahring for 20 Min's to answer a simple question but then his retort is sharp as a snake bite when it comes to be-littling them if they dare to question his motives. Rebecca Wilson said this about Des and Manly back in August

    "IT seems the Manly rugby league club has spent the best part of the last 2 1/2 years embracing a toxic "us and them" mentality which reached a nasty, but obvious, conclusion on Friday night. Instead of telling a couple of star players to pull their heads in a year ago, the club appears to have rallied behind them, thumbed their noses at the NRL and created a menacing atmosphere at Brookvale Oval."

    According to an email Des hammered Perry already this year after he dared to say Back to Back in a media interview, In response to Perry's seemingly innocuous comments in a press release following the release of the 2013 NRL draw on November 5, Hasler fired him an email which read: ''David pls refrain from making any comment about football or anything to do with back-to-back or any aspirations. Your comment is at best uninformed."
    ''If any of this is unclear pls make an appointment to discuss it with me.''

    He smashed Zorba when asked by Lowe: ''Are you prepared to cooperate in a more engaging manner next year with Peter Peters … he will have total say with all media issues from now on?

    Hasler: ''Peter Peters shouldn't be here, he's not a professional, and he doesn't know what he's doing …''

    Des would have threatened a hissy fit if any board member or staffer dared to talk to the media and offer up a story without his say so. Journo's would have hated that and probably think that its guys like Penn and Graham Lowe or Zorba that are being arseholes by not wanting to give any info and therefore blame Manly as a club.

    Now with Greenturds media savvy profile helping the Bulldogs, Des is being helped along but god knows how long that will last. Although i think Des wont rock the boat at the Bulldogs as much because he knows if that goes to poo then everyone will know it really is him that is the cause of the problem. Prepare for more sickly sweet Greenturd and Des love-in's. This happened in the Bulldogs press conference with Greenburg sniggering like schoolgirl when Des be-littled a reporter who is out of his favour for being late to the presser.(Good one Des that will help the old media profile going forward)

    I think things will improve for us as a club Financially and in the Media but unfortunately when you look at the likes of Wayne Bennett and Des when it comes to treating the media correctly for them it is an Epic Fail, unfortunately being at logger heads with the media might be what it takes to win Grand Finals only time will tell. And they are all lined up now to sink the boot into Des as soon as things go a little pearshaped. One thing is for certain Des was a master manipulator and that is a great quality when you need to manipulate players to get them to play like we did in 2008 and 2011. But unfortunately it is built on a house of cards when your club is poor like ours and needs to be out in the media to make money.

    The Dogs are great at shouting from the rooftops how great the club is and facilities, changing the name of the club every five minutes releasing press statements and conferences, buying not breeding then breeding not buying at the family club that is only akin to the "Manson Family" and sacks all the family members but unfortunately that has them missing the eight for the last 2 years and it dont win premierships. Maybe with the right blend of Des's magic Toxic us against them mentality potion they can win a GF. Just dont know if Greenturd will let that happen He has said "Des will run the Football side and I will run the business side" unfortunately for Toddy the greatest CEO never to have won a chook raffle, those worlds collide and often. I just hope you will dance Todd when Des fires the bullets at your feet. We will see....

    Or if your not into doing things like us and the Dogs you could be like the Faders where the Board and the Coach come from the same womb. Trouble with that is that the fans and the rest of the world knows Furner isnt a Coach and they hate the board and the coach. So you cant win.

    Maybe Tooves can do both, If anyone could Toovey could. Won GF as a player at the same club became an assistant coach for 6 years winning 2 GF's and also knows his way around a Board being on the NRMA board for many years.

    Our biggest problem is convincing Matthew Ridge to run the water cause Toovey wont be out there.

    The new Era begins.
  2. joeboy

    joeboy Well-Known Member

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    nice post, somewhat agree, tooves and all other senior staff have to establish himself just as much as we need to move past des' domination of all things manly

    does ridgy have anything to do with the club at the moment.. he would be a great water runner. untill snake came along he was by far my favourite fullback.
  3. Napper

    Napper Well-Known Member

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    Great post!!
  4. swoop

    swoop Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    I hope he took the radar with him.
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    • Moondog

      Moondog What's up Darth? Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Well, he was walking funny.
    • Brissie Kid

      Brissie Kid Well-Known Member

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      Agree 100% with this. But given so few Manly officials, players, sponsors and fans are complaining about the Dogs actions five days after the grand final, why should the rest of the NRL give a toss. I can't believe Manly fans can't see that the Dogs have lived up to their name. Everyone seems to be falling for the anti Manly media spin that it's all Manly's own fault.
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      • conanu

        conanu Well-Known Member

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        [attachment=208] dance dessie dance

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