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Our Finals Hopes...

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by chrisos, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. chrisos

    chrisos Active Member

    +50 /19
    Hey guys,

    I was speaking with the boys on abc radio on the weekend and they seem to think 28 points is the cut off for the 8 this year meaning we can only afford to drop 1 out of our last six,in saying that i would like to see us win all six and end up on 30 points because if there was a logjam and manly and other teams being on 28 each i would feel our for and against would see us missing out,that is if we ended up on 28 points(which is 5 out of 6 wins)---We can still do it and i truly feel we are hitting our straps right now---would be great to see us cheekily sneak into the 8 and give the competition a shake up---(win our last 6 and end up on 30 points) because i know the boys can shake them up and we still do have the team to do it---if all else fails bring on 2016 because the future still looks bright---peace out---chrisos.
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    • torana355

      torana355 Well-Known Member Premium Member

      +1,491 /27
      Not to be negative but winning even 5 of the last 6 would be a miracle. To many injuries and not enough forward power.
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      • Chip and Chase

        Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

        +6,293 /44
        We are currently in the realm of being a "mathematical chance" of making the 8 ..... in other words "season over".

        All I can look forward to now is that come Round 26 the Sharks need a win to make the 8 and we give them a right royal touch up and end their season for them.
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        • mosto

          mosto Well-Known Member Premium Member

          +1,001 /10
          Love your enthusiasm and pray that you're right. However our run home is:

          Broncos @ home (Gosford)
          Souths @ home
          Raiders away
          Eels @ home
          Roosters @ home
          Sharks away

          That's a tough run and I just can't see us winning 5-6 of them. The only game I can confidently put a tick next to is the Eels. I hope I'm wrong.
        • Fluffy

          Fluffy Well-Known Member

          +3,688 /135
          we need to win 2 more games than either the warriors or dogs and 1 more game than Canberra and St George, then it comes down to F/A

          we could be 1 win from 7th after this weekend
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          • master blaster

            master blaster Well-Known Member

            +674 /4
            as we usually do
          • Cliffy4PM

            Cliffy4PM Active Member

            +29 /4
            Even if we only loose one game we still probably wont make the 8.
          • Mark from Brisbane

            Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

            +13,032 /259
            I think we might surprise a team or two before years end but ain't no way in living hell we will win 6 games.

            Eels yes, an upset on one of the two Brookvale games, that's all I can see, finishing on 22 probably in about 11th /12th/13th
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            • sheridanstand78

              sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

              +3,329 /51
              I think we will truly know after about 20 minutes of Saturday nights game. If the team will continue with its form of last week and start well or will there be a let down due to events of today.

              I would love to see us win all 6 but there is no room for error now and we have a draw from hell to be honest. I see us winning up to 4 of our last 6 , hope I am proved wrong.
            • COMMANDER

              COMMANDER IF YOU DO NOT TRY YOU CAN NOT FAIL 2016 Tipping Competitor

              Just as long as we beat Brisbane.

              Please God, let us beat Brisbane.
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              • EagleFlys

                EagleFlys Well-Known Member

                +522 /30
                Our season ends with avoiding the wooden spoon.

                No chance of a top 8 finish.
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                • Manly til i die

                  Manly til i die Member

                  +19 /3
                  Bris- we have good record on the Central Coast and Broncs are due for a loss
                  Souffs- haven't overly impressed this season and it's at Brookie
                  Canb- in Canberra but it's a day game + their better away than at home
                  Parra- It's parra and it's at Brookie
                  Syd R- Another Brookie game
                  Cronulla- we always beat them

                  6/6- very achievable
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                  • Loaded dog

                    Loaded dog flaccid Member

                    +653 /11
                    Maybe we should play more games there?:cool:
                  • Manly til i die

                    Manly til i die Member

                    +19 /3
                    ^^No thanks
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                    • The Who

                      The Who Well-Known Member

                      Mona Vale
                      +4,941 /104
                      Damn those knee injuries! I think this will be the first game T-Red has missed. He's one of my favourites .. . and to know his replacement will be Hasson makes me shudder.
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                      • Rex

                        Rex Well-Known Member

                        +2,340 /60
                        Season over after the Cowboys loss.

                        But if ... somehow ... they jag an unlikely win against the Broncos this Saturday night, I'll dare to dream of finals again.
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                        • maxta

                          maxta Well-Known Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

                          Toowoomba, Queensland
                          +2,481 /63
                          Can match the average sides but the difference against the better sides has been almost a landslide in 2015....the only way out after being decimated by injury & inside turmoil would have been winning the 3-4 tight games that went the other way...then Manly may have been able to lift the bar at almost full strength to scare most teams.
                        • Terry Zarsoff

                          Terry Zarsoff Well-Known Member

                          +3,698 /71
                          Funnily enough, no furious reporting over the state of the playing surface at Mt Smart.
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                          • Dee Why Eagle

                            Dee Why Eagle Well-Known Member

                            +335 /4
                            Teams often bounce back when a caretaker coach is appointed...
                            Here's to the Knights putting the dragons to the sword.
                            And up the ladder we creep!
                            We just have to beat the bongos.
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                            • Alby

                              Alby Active Member

                              +337 /12
                              Souths haven't impressed? Didn't they just put a cricket score on the Knights? I know it was just Newcastle, but still - they'd have to be considered one of the powerhouses.

                              But in saying that, if there was one team i'd love to beat in the remaining games, it's them... oh yeah and the squeels.

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