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Well we have plenty of info on manly trials but what about the other trials.

The Warriors overran the invitational President's Selection team 58-6

Penrith Panthers overran the Sydney Roosters 34-12

Sharks won 32-28

Dogs came from behind to easily account for 2004 wooden spooners South Sydney 40-16

Melbourne Storm piled on 24 unanswered points in the second half to swamp North Queensland 30-18
Some interesting scores though the only thing that trials really tell you is how well teams are playing in the trials. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Teams that win use them as confidence boosters and teams that lose were trying new combinations.

Can't wait till the real stuff starts.
Wariors are going to huge this year. I reckon they will have a big year. Be the massive improver over last year
I'm not so sure. Kemp is not universally liked and the Vinnie Anderson affair plus Lauititi last year says to me that there may still be internal rumblings.

Lot of talent but how much heart and discipline (though Price and Wiki will give some of that!)
I saw some of the tries from last night on the news.

All tries from the sharks nights game reminded me of manly's defence - piss poor.

Johns can still throw an ok pass but he didnt look confident and made a few basic errors - dropping the ball cold inside the opps 20.

Both Melbourne and the cowboys played 1 good half and one poor half. Neither very impressive.

Roosters for mine could really struggle without fitler. Given finch is out for 6 weeks with 2 broken hands 1 more injury to say ricko could really sea them needing to come from behind. They certainly dont look like last years team.

Panthers looked solid and wont let people down i think.

Dogs looked good.

Bunnies should shorten their odds for the spoon.

Parra have had one good win and 2 bad losses. I think they will struggle to get consistency in a similar way to us last season. They will come home well in the second half after some game time together.

Dragons - well they havnt fielded a full team yet and have been average - but then again on their injury record these teams are what we should expect week in week out. Hard to call.

Manly - nothing to dissapoint, all signs point to a better season, guns like BK and Kite are yet to fire. The edge of the 8 still seems a possibility.
Bottom line is that this year any team can beat any team if they are up and the other is slightly off. I reckon it will be a very even comp!!!
Wing always gets injured.

I still think Warriors will be the bigest improver along with us an souths :shock:
Yeah, sucked in Roosters. It couldn't happen to a nicer fellow than Finch could it?

I'm surprised they don't suspend the competition until his hands are better.

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