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Orford confident after highest honour By Andrew Johns | September 21, 2008

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Sep 21, 2008.

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    Orford confident after highest honour 
    By Andrew Johns |
    September 21, 2008

    DALLY M medallist and Manly captain Matt Orford is facing two games that will define his team's season, and quite possibly his career.

    Orford isn't one to duck the tough questions - whether it's about grand finals or his desire to lead a Central Coast NRL team.

    Andrew Johns: Well done on winning the Dally M. Have you gained confidence from being named player of the year?

    Matt Orford: I've definitely taken some confidence out of it. I was on a high all that week, but it probably didn't sink in how important an award it is until I looked at some of the names on that board who have won it.

    AJ: You were dateless on the night. What's happening on the girl front?

    OX: I'm single.

    AJ: You serious? Hear that, girls? The guy's available.

    OX: (Laughs) I'm busy enough looking after myself, to be honest.

    AJ: Ox, critics seem to pick on you for some reason. Do you feel like this finals series is your chance to really shut them up?

    OX: I guess it's an opportunity to silence some critics, but I've always had them. A few guys out there have been really harsh, but that's part of footy and the position I play.

    AJ: Does it get to you?

    OX: Early on, I probably took it a bit too personal but as you get older, if it's not coming from coaches or the team, you don't take it on board too much.

    AJ: What about playing rep footy. Has that opportunity passed you by?

    OX: I haven't given up. But it looks like they are going to go with youth and look towards the future. My main focus now is Manly but, in saying that, you never give up hope.

    AJ: You've had the week off. What are you working on for next week's game?

    OX: Probably just concentrating on my kicking game and composure under pressure.

    AJ: What would a premiership mean to you?

    OX: It's what you play for. You dream of playing rep footy but winning the premiership -it's the ultimate. To raise that trophy at the end, you could nearly hang up the boots after that and be content.

    AJ: Where do you think Manly have improved?

    OX: We're just a more mature team. The boys, with that experience of finals footy, we don't get too carried away and we've been more consistent in little areas of the game.

    AJ: What did you learn from the loss to Melbourne last year?

    OX: We probably learned a bit from the whole experience. It's about not getting distracted and caught up in the hype off the field. The game itself, the pace of it and how loud it was _ we sort of lost our way with our structure.

    AJ: You are a Central Coast boy. Should the Coast have its own team in the NRL?

    OX: For sure. It's just a great rugby league area. It's a good breeding ground for junior players and the facility that Singo (John Singleton) has there is one of the best stadiums I have played at.

    AJ: Would you go back and captain their inaugural team?

    OX: I would love to if I was still playing. If there was something involving the Central Coast, I would love to be a part of it.

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