Optimist/Pessimist pulse .. UPDATE

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How do you currently feel about our future under Seibs?

  • Optimistic

  • Pessimistic

Results are only viewable after voting.


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We need one of you talented people to put this data into a line graph ..

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I’m definitely wavering but not ready to jump ship just yet. fork I get all twitchy. 🧜‍♂️
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We are loyal Eagles feathered friends
We will stick by the suffering tough times
And We will celebrate the good times that are coming ahead

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Under the Sticks

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Ok what I think is needed is a clear AND effective strategy for the hooker and lock positions and the Number 6 to get his sh*t sorted.

Everything else is coachable as the Storm game showed.

40 nil

It's only a game ...
The first half v Broncos was encouraging to me as the team was trying expansive attacking plays. However, the execution was very poor and there was a ridiculous amount of unforced errors. Thus, the match was virtually handed to the Broncos on a platter.

I was feeling more optimistic after this game than after the Titans game as, at last, the team was trying to improve their attack! For our attack to succeed, I think we need Schuster back and also a lock who can switch play/skilfully link up with edge players - Aloiai is not the answer.

If the team's attack improves in the next couple of games, I would consider changing my vote back to 'optimistic'. However, team selections for this week do not fill me with optimism. I have no expectations for a win, loss or draw ...


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Optimism pulse 13th May, ...

26/10/22 .. optimistic 92.6%
09/11/22 .. optimistic 91.7%
29/11/22 .. optimistic 84.9% .. 152 votes
12/12/22 .. optimistic 83.5% .. 158 votes
01/01/23 .. optimistic 82.9% .. 170 votes
16/01/23 .. optimistic 82.7% .. 173 voters
01/02/23 .. optimistic 82.1% .. 184 voters
19/02/23 .. optimistic 82.3% .. 192 voters
05/03/23 .. optimistic 85.3% .. 197 voters
19/03/23 .. optimistic 83.8% .. 197 voters
06/04/23 .. optimistic 83.3% .. 198 voters
14/04/23 .. optimistic 80.8% .. 203 voters
29/04/23 .. optimistic 81.5% .. 205 voters
06/05/23 .. optimistic 75.2% .. 207 voters
13/05/23 .. optimistic 74.3% .. 210 voters

The last 2 weeks have seen the biggest shift in Silvertail's confidence since recorded history began ... and with a home game against Cronulla tomorrow .. the outcome can only be Glory ... or despair ..

How are you currently feeling ... ?


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The last 2 weeks have seen the biggest shift in Silvertail's confidence since recorded history began ... and with a home game against Cronulla tomorrow .. the outcome can only be Glory ... or despair ..

How are you currently feeling ... ?
Thanks for your great effort in keeping this fascinating poll going @Woodsie

I am feeling the faith that we have enough quality on the field to be competitive
Anything less than being competitive with the calibre of players that we have
We will be underachieving
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I know, I'm back.
I'm getting on and couldn't remember if I was positive or pessimistic, it was starting to be very traumatic, specially the last 2 weeks watching the games and thinking am I being optimistic ? so thanks to @Woodsie and his recorded poll, nice to see he still loves polls / poles, I can put my mind at rest.

Steadfast in my pessimism 😜 though to be honest there have been glimpses of light with the seaman, and then reminders and similarities to his Bronco run.


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We've lost that Winning feeling
Whoa, that Winning feeling
We've lost that Winning feeling
Now it's gone, gone, gone, whoa

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