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Open Letter to Members of the Manly Football Club

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Canteen Worker, Dec 12, 2007.

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    We are not supposed to reprint things from the club but due to a few threads on the site I thought it prudent to reproduce here for clarification:


    We are writing to you today to give you a first hand perspective of our vision for the future of the Sea Eagles. Unfortunately there are still some Members of the Manly fraternity that are hell bent on trying to stop our positive momentum. I think you would agree that the last 4 years under private ownership going from 13th to 8th to 5th to 2nd have been outstanding results and without the $6,000,000 that has been invested in the club by the Delmege and Penn families this would never have happened. In fact we may not even have a team to support.

    There following rumors are currently being circulated:

    * The private owners want to move to the Central Coast
    * The private owners are trying to take over the Football Club
    * The Football Club are the only party lobbying for the upgrade to Brookvale

    Our response to these rumors is simple:

    * If we wanted to take advantage of the $8,000,000 on offer from the NRL then why didn't we do it 4 years ago and save ourselves the $6,000,000 we have invested. We love the Northern Beaches and are here to stay
    * We have no intention of running the Football Club. We believe it is being run effectively under the President Bob Reilly and just want a seat at the table just like both the Football Club and Leagues Club have 3 seats on the Sea Eagles Board
    * We want to keep the Preference Share as we want to protect the heritage and history of the Sea Eagles colours and home ground for future generations.
    * The Sea Eagles Board has led the whole lobbying effort with the Private Shareholders funding the lobbying effort to the tune of over $50,000. Why would we spend that kind of money if we wanted to move?

    Our vision for the future is simple:

    * We will work tirelessly to find the $18 Million we need to upgrade Brookvale Oval
    * We would like to work with the Leagues Club to look at possible relocation of the Leagues Club premises including the potential of Brookvale Oval as a site.
    * We will field the most competitive team possible whilst playing by the rules
    * We want to increase Membership to 10,000 Members by 2010

    Scott Penn
    Chairman & Co-Owner
    Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles Ltd Max Delmege
    Co-Owner & Major Sponsor
    Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles Ltd

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