Open letter to Des Hasler

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Dear Des,

I know you are very busy and working very hard to get our team into the semi finals this year. So knowing that your workload is heavy may I respectfully suggest to you that in our Premier League team we have two players that you may have forgotten about.

I know you know about young Michael Witt, he plays in the number 6 jersey, he can kick goals and can also kick the footy so that on occasions it actually stops in the in goal area. I know at times his attacking play is a bit limited but even that is better than our current 5/8, whoever that actually is.

There is also a player that starts in the Premier League called Travis Burns, he too can kick goals and can also kick the ball from the field of play so it also on occasions stops in the in goal area. With your busy schedule you may not have noticed yesterday that our Premier League team won by 2 points after being behind by 18 points at half time. We won that game because our attack, led by the aforementioned players showed some creativity. Yes I know you will say that our defence in that game was poor and I agree with you, but we did win.

Des, poor Mick Monaghan needs help, god knows he tries hard, but he cannot do it by himself. Whilst I was safe from his wayward kicks yesterday I heard stories when leaving the ground that young kiddies that were sitting on the seats behind the dead ball line were in fear of personal injury as MM kept on kicking balls straight at them. Their parents, who were wearing red & blue were telling their young children that it was very funny, but from my safe vantage point high in the stands I could see the fear in their eyes as MM lined up for yet another shot at them.

Des, we have done pretty good this year and we are a real chance to make the semi’s for the first time in a long while. I know if we do make the semis we will be cannon fodder for whoever is lucky enough to get us in the first semi, but it would be nice just to say to my mates that we made the semis.

So please Des, can you please pick a 5/8 this week that actually is a 5/8. Personally I would prefer M Witt but if you feel the time is right I would not complain if you gave the number 6 to T Burns.

Best Regards



good stuff pete, we have no 5/8 and 1 half trying to do it all for 80 mins

as i said b4, des is worrying me, who is next weeks 5/8

bk, kingy, chad???

The Wheel
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Very good stuff Pete, I would like Burns to have a shot in NRL as we were still pedistrian early in the season when Witt was there.

There maybe a chance next week as BKs will be out it will be all hands on deck in the forwards.

PS Pete you are moving to the dark side, I can feel the force.


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Very humourous but true letter Pete. Its a shame Monas isn't consistent with GOOD kicks ingoal. He has reasonable last week.

Surely Witt should be ready for another go next week. We need someone with vision, even though thats lacking from him earlier in the season.


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PS Pete you are moving to the dark side, I can feel the force.

There will be no moving to the dark side, the force you feel is only that of an oncoming bowel movement.

It is simply my view of the 2 games I saw yesterday. MM played well last week, this week he was such an open target on the final tackle and Des is placing too much responsibility on one player to create options in attack.


Totally agree with you. How much longer can we be as boring and predictable in our attack. We all know it is not Monna’s fault that he has to do this on his own. His coach is hanging him out to dry. How must it feel to, to realize that chances are that you might have to score a try or more than the opposition just to be on level terms? Why? Because our (alleged) kicker, is once again, a makeshift one. This untold and unforced pressure is certainly telling on the players.So until our coach get's it right I fear that we might just struggle a while longer


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Good point, I feel Monas has been hung out to dry.

What other quality team in the comp doesn't have a reasonable 5/8 option?


Couldnt agree morw CP. Absolutely spot on!!!!! We need another dimension to our attack. Probably Witt, but I would like Burns to get a go as long as he is confindent enough to call play and demand the ball, which I didnt see him doing when he played a few weeks ago.

Chip and Chase

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What other team in the NRL would persist in playing backrowers at 5/8 instead of looking at other options. If we are going to go with the backrower cum 5/8 option they at least need some ball skills like Anasta, Hill, Timmins, Flannery, Norton, Smith etc.. You don't need lightening speed or deft footwork, but you need to be able to put the defence in two minds OR take the line on and get over the advantage line. Menzies is a hole runner, Harris doesn't have the hands and Willo is just a toiler.

I'll expect that Tezza will be given a crack at it this week.


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Can't agree more Pete.

Mona's doesn't have enough class for the team to depend on him entirely in attack.

Willow's kicking game is decent (forty twenty against the Warriors) but he is too busy doing the forwards work in making 43 tackles to do any kicking.
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