But you would love to tell us how to act. Contradiction mate. Accept all opinions yet you will state the following:

"It would useful on this website if participants would look beyond one performance & support the team they are meant to follow, is that too much to ask??"
I agree with Duval on this one.

Whilst I support everyones right to bag players I dont see it necessary to air an opinion hoping that someones career ends at the hands of another footballer.

I wonder if Mata felt the same about Hoppa "putting to sleep" another players career.
Is a Congo line something which happens in Central Africa??

And MB doesnt matter what time it starts in Bathurst, I'll be comfortably ensconsed in a chair with a view of the big screen at the club, nursing one of many schooners of Old :drunk:
I can see how welcome contary opinions are treated with contempt, PJ I will not even comment on your childish responses which is sad. Are abusive comments the way you treat others who may not be in touch with what I said. I would suggest you re-read what I said & grow up. Obviously a Congo line may exist on opinions here to which is very sad. Thanks for making me welcome.

I'm crook as a dog so my response probably wouldn't have been as abusive otherwise....but that doesn't mean I take it back!
I'm sick of people constantly playing the man as far as other posters are concerned.
You are more than welcome on this forum but it is a forum to discuss the team/ coaches/ players performance (on the most part) not get into other posters about their opinions on this.
I did read your post properly and for someone that has posted only a couple of times it seemed a bit high and almighty telling other posters here that they should be just getting behind the team and forget the fact that we just lost to the then favourites for the wooden spoon...
This site would not exist without that sort of discussion about the team.
Basically the need for posters here to discuss these sorts of things was the reason that the website was born!
Conga line - hardly....what you are asking for is a conga line (where we all hold hands and praise our team even if they are performing badly)
and if it were a Conga line you wouldn't have Manly Backer and Douglas sticking up for your post.... ;)
Yeah Duval- and what Manly Backer said too- hang around! Granted I was probably a little harsh.

Thanks for that I appreciate your comments. I may be only a first time poster in here but have posted in the earlier Forums going back to the bad of days of the Northern Eagles, just don't judge a poster by his number of posts, now where have I heard that one before!!

Thanks for that I appreciate your comments. I may be only a first time poster in here but have posted in the earlier Forums going back to the bad of days of the Northern Eagles, just don't judge a poster by his number of posts, now where have I heard that one before!!

Just glad I didn't scare you off- sometimes I forget there is a real person on the recieving end of the posts I use to vent some frustration!
Thanks guys I appreciate your comments, although I will say I will not always agree with what is said. That aside if I upset anyone in the future accept my apologies in advance.
I hope I'm correct I just feel we will make a better show of it against quality opposition this weekend. Not saying we will win, just hope we are competative & put in. I would also say you Forum favourite Ballin will not be far away from his first grade debut. He must start with Monas at 5/8 with no rotation of the halves in the game (I only hope)!
The main thing going for us, wether we get the changes that most want to see or not, is that we have massive room for improvement. We wern't outclassed by Raiders, we just didn't show up.

Im possitive our best performance agianst the Cowboys can get us a win in a tight match, however, my concern being I dont think we can pull a game like that out of the bad just 1 week after a very embarrasing loss.
I hope you are right, we have the talent & ability to perform, this game will be a good measure as no one expects us to even get close.
I talked the other day to a personal involved with the Dragons club. He claimed that the slow start to the year each time in the past few has put pressure on them to have to play very well midseason to get into the top 4. They have ended up peaking too early.

The teams that have won over the past ten years have been the ones playing best at the back end of the season. Look at the Dogs at the start of last year - smashed St G and looked unbeatable then went ---------------------------------

Hard to say how we are going to go this year but we can only improve and Flip' comment is right - not outclassed but didn't turn up to play. May have been overconfidence, may be lack of combination. Time will tell!

I think most of us would be happy to endure a few losses at the start of the season if we knew we would come good. Unfortunately losing early puts pressure on a team and coach, affecting confidence and also impacting on home crowds etc
Hopefully the game resembles our last outing in Townsville (2004).

The Brokeback mob dominated the first half but didn't get many points on the board before Manly shredded them in the second half - a game highlighted by the only decent Jye Mullane performance in First Grade and Ian Donelly running for more than 10 metres.

Those were the days. *sighs*

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