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Why is it that I receive 20 spam emails a day that aren't, when the email address isn't mine.

I called the isp and they said spam protection was turned off, now that its on they say it shouldn't happen.

But how can I get all these emails when they aren't addressed to me?


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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they probably are addressed to you but they have hidden headers


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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I have never sold them on. But there are spam bots that go through the member list and try to grab them out. I have done what I can to try and stop that though


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Fluffy got the answer... BCC. They send the email to bbob, but BCC your email address so you still get it... I believe it's one attempt to reduce the number of hits in the spam test. If an email is sent to a hundred people, it counts as a possible spam. This way, it looks like it's only sent to one address, but they can still hit a few at one time.


Journey Man
Byso there are many sites that will give you something free asking nothing but your email address in return to confirm you are a real user - these sites make their money selling verified email addresses. Tip is to use a different address to sign up to these sites, that way spam doesnt cause any problems as you do not use that address.

I would be very suprised if most here dont already do this


UFO Hunter
Good tips. Im sick to death of hearing the one hundred ways a Brunet can masturbate with a carrot.


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I set up a Diff email address for this reason
when i register for forums i use that one , instead of my private one


Kim Jong Dan
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I dont care I put spam filters on my inbox and on the mailbox. it pretty much means I get maybe 1 spam email a week.

I just dont sign up on pron sites


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BTW, guys: if you need a throwaway email address, you can just use anything @ You can go to and enter the 'anything' part and you can see the last few emails sent to that address, too.

Perfect for forum registrations that still require you to click a link or something...
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