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Ive pretty much stayed out of the debate thus far, unfortunately most parties ( on both sides) have their respective arguments riddles with personal emotion, and thats a certain way to get no result. To hear plans that some supporters are planning a rally was a little bit embarressing.

On one hand, we have a bloke who has now played 20 games for Manly, after not being able to make the top grade at the raiders. It must be said that he has given 100% in every game he has stepped onto the field for the maroon and white, and so he should, and has done many a player. Its his job.

On the other hand, we have club management, who run a club where supporters as a rule are used to success, those of us over 20 anyway! The "football" side of management have all played in the days that making the semis wasnt even an issue, making the grand final was all that was aimed at.

We have some massivekly successful business people running the other $$ and cents aspects of the club. The club offers Monaghs a contract , one which monaghs said he has not asked for an increase on, BUT didnt want to sign when first presented, because his manager, who has a reputation for burning the club advised him not to as he was over seas. This same manager is also on the "wont speak to list" of some other top NRL clubs.

The club then says take it or leave it and monaghs said ill leave it for the moment thanks. The club says , no worries we withdraw the offer.

The manager returns, and says where is the contract? The club says it was there, you didnt want it, we have now made some other decisions . banagahn turns it into a media feeding frrenzy and for the first time runs the club through the gutter with the media.

Then they speak again and thats where there is an interesting statement made. To this day i have not heard the club say for one minute that we have Given Monaghs two weeks to show his worth, i have only heard I this from the media , from monaghs and off course banaghan.

What i have heard from the club is we will re look at this in another two weeks, i stand to be corrected on this fact, but this is all i have heard from the club.

After this two weeks, the club has now said , again, AT THIS| STAGE we cant offer you an acceptable contract, Monaghan has said he hasnt asked for extra money than they offered before, there for that initial contract MUST have been acceptable, but Monaghs , and i guess largely thanks to his manager did pass on signing it a month ago.

Now no matter how successful i am at my place of employment, if my employers offer me a contract, but i say, well im looking around over seas a bit first, or my manager has advised me not to sign, for what ever reason. Im guessing my employer would start looking that very minute for a possible replacment. Its commonly called missing the boat!

I wont enter into the guys abililty, as there has been much debate on here, again mostly emotional from both sides, i am happy to back the judgement of Hasler/Toovey/Fulton/Cleal/Roach. Someone please ad up all the test matches / grand finals / Origin matches these guys have played and then ad up the amount of all the posters on every web site have played and see who has played more!

i know whos judgment id be backing!

Please leave Cummins out of the equation, he is a business manager, he talks money and will be guided by the above on who to contract or not contract and for what. He is simply the mediator, those who have hammered him are completly irrational and have no idea on how a proffesional club of any sport works.

Yes monaghs has played with incredible passion and i for one have loved watching him play, BUT i can also see a side which may look like manly have thrown this guy a life line 18 months ago, possibly paid him more than he is worth, and after 20 games he ( or his manager) have thrown this back in the clubs face and have said " we will look elsewhere thanks"

If this does implode, and the clubs results suffer, it will largely be thanks to the hysterior of the fans and the players manager. Mark Oneal who is a life long player of the wests tigers has also been released for next year, unfortunately for him his manager is way more proffesional and has not bothered with the hysterior.

Braith Anaster has told the bulldogs he would like to wait till June 30 deadline, has that club gon nuts and bad mouthed him in any way shape or form ?

Guys, this is football, and its business, weather you like it or not, they are now one and the same thing.

Things will pan out, Monaghs still may stay, he may not if he gets a better offer. This is life with a salary cap. This is the same salary cap that has helped us get to the top of the table with clubs not being able to keep the BKs etc.

I just think everyone has lost the big picture, again i stress on both sides of the equation, Monaghs has played 20 games or a club that has been around since 1940s. he will survive, as did Fatty, one of the clubs premiership winning captains and origin legends, i was shattered at the time.

We place faith in the guys who run the club, we may not agree with every decision they make, but thats the way it goes, they have taken us to last to first in 12 months, so at this stage ill back them 110% even if im not entirely happy with every decision they make.

if you have read this far, thanks for taking the time!
It makes too much sense for my liking. As a poster on ME said today, I still love my club, I just don't like them much at the moment.
It's a cold, hard business decision. Of course everyone wishes it could be different.

But sometimes it can't.

Good write-up Pepsi.
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Great post Pepsi. The best post i've read in months. Always keeping it real mate.
*rubs eyes* The most sense made thus far
ahh but all in one post without taking a firm stance on either side!
Great post Pepsi!!! Good to see someone posting without letting all the crap fly around.

I haven't been on today and can't believe what is going on.
yes Mata's posts some times bring out the passion and emotion in people, unfortunately there is no place for that when trying to have a logical discussion...
Now no matter how successful i am at my place of employment, if my employers offer me a contract, but i say, well im looking around over seas a bit first, or my manager has advised me not to sign, for what ever reason. Im guessing my employer would start looking that very minute for a possible replacment. Its commonly called missing the boat!

Please come do business with me.

Ill gladly write up a long contract and give you no time to discuss it with any other representatives. Only you can read it and only have a very short amount of time.

oh and my legal team will have had many weeks to work on in order to put plenty of hidden catches, lets say 10K per hour of down time that is a result of the work since its the going rate.

you would be taken to the cleaners.

other than that personal bit of rubbish not a bad summary, but its obvious whos side you are on.

PS - how good was King on friday?? havnt heard a peep out of you since then
hey Fluff!!!!

firstly, re King, not sure where but ive given him a huge wrap somewhere! apologies if another topic has taken over !!!

re his contract, its a football contract for god sake, its nothing like a normal business contract, plenty of players look after there own these days.

basically, 18 months earlier he was a struggling lower grader, now his second contract at a new club is worth 240K, im guessing thats a massive pay rise, otherwise his first contract was way beyond what he was worth.

One day i hope someone offers me five hours to decide over a 240K contract! what extra hours they sneaking in fluffy ? we going to schedule a few extra games no one knows about!!!!

its obvious whos side your on! hehehe

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